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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 6


Emma and Allen had their day planned; down to where they would eat and how much time to spend at each of the places they would visit today.

Before their day outing started, Allen began to take stock of himself, and he had to admit that both he and Emma were introverts. The fact they had to interact with extroverts tired them out because they at times wanted to be alone and think.

Sometimes they would go home wore out from having to listen to people who needed to talk all day.

Allen wondered if two introverts could be happy as man and wife.

Just thinking about that reminded him of a soap opera he listened to as a kid. It always opened with the question;

"Once again, we present Our Gal Sunday, the story of an orphan girl named Sunday from the little mining town of Silver Creek, Colorado, who in young womanhood married England's richest, most handsome lord, Lord Henry Brinthrope. The story that asks the question: Can this girl from the little mining town in the West find happiness as the wife of a wealthy and titled Englishman?"

As the story went they found a measure of happiness but always faced problems because of external circumstances.  Perhaps it was a case of opposites attracts yet still the consummation of happiness must face the realities of the world as it is.  The vast difference in their backgrounds was the source of much of their trouble.

While Allen thought about that introduction to the soap opera he concluded, “Why am I thinking about that for it has nothing to do with me and Emma for we are much alike.”  

Allen thought that two introverts could find happiness if they didn't try to change each other but accepted one another as they were.

They could fall into the same trap of the extrovert and the introvert, each trying to protect and promote their own comfort zone.  

He concluded that if he was to marry - - it must be to an introvert like himself. 
Whether it was Emma or someone else they must have the same needs for privacy.

Still there is one other thing the introvert needs and that is, "love and understanding," without that they would become completely withdrawn.

The stabilizing factor in his life had been his mother's love for him.

He saw himself not as being void of emotions but not feeling it was constantly necessary to express them.

He certainly felt the need for guarded lust to be a part of the equation but as Hesse said, “But lust has no duration; it leaves you again in the desert.”

All this thinking had made Allen hungry so off he went to get Anna for breakfast. As usual they ate without saying very much except about the first stop at the Washington Monument.
Let us Walk Together
While standing at the Monument he asked her how she viewed two introverts being married.

After a moment of silence she replied; I think it is legal.

Allen thought this was her first attempt at humor since he knew her.

He pushed her further by saying, "Do you think they could be happy?"

“Not if they didn't want to be,” she replied.

Not willing to give up he further asked her, “Do you think they could overcome the problems that are bound to come up?”

She replied again, “Not if they didn't want to.”

“And what if they did want to?”

She said, “Yes they could.”   
To be Continued


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