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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, January 11, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 11

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Meeting the In-Laws
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The first month was very busy for the bride and groom.   Nothing had been planned for and moving out of his place and looking for a place that was larger than Emma's was consuming a lot of time.

Then there was the meeting of the parents neither Emma nor Allen had met the other's parents.  

Emma felt it was time to face what could be their biggest critics for no one is ever good enough for their child.

It was a one hour drive to Allen's folks and a two hour drive in the opposite direction to see Emma's parents.  It was decided that they would visit Emma's folks first on Saturday.

They left around nine so as to get to Emma's home place around eleven, time to visit before lunch.
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When they arrived her mother and father came out and met them.

Emma's mother hugged Emma and gave her a kiss and then took Allen's hand, stepped back and laughingly said. “Honey is this the best you could do?”

Emma said, “Well mom, they were pretty well picked over by the time I got around to getting one.”  They all laughed at that and the ice was broken as her mother gave Allen a hug and kiss.  Her father came and shook hands with Allen and said; welcome to the family.

The visit went exceptionally well and Allen felt like a member of the family.  

Before they left Emma's sister came home and after looking Allen over said to Emma, “Are there any more like him down there where you come from?”  Emma said, “No I got the last one.”  Her folks were so gregarious and friendly that Allen had to come out of his shell and join with the levity.

Allen remarked to Emma; how could you be so reserved and introverted coming from a family like yours?  She laughed and said, “It was a learned skill. The teachers took me more serious and I didn't have to fight off the boys I wasn't interested in.”

Allen asked, “What about the boys you were interested in?”  She laughed and said, “Why honey, you know there wasn't any before you.”  He also laughed, and said, “I am having a hard time believing that but if you say so.”

They bantered back and forth and were home before they knew it.
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The next day on Sunday they went to Allen's parent's home to visit his family. When they arrived they walked up to the door where Allen tapped on the door and they walked in before anyone could open it.

Allen's mother came over and said, “This must be Emma!”  Allen agreed, “This is her.”  His mother told Allen to go and talk with his dad while she took Emma into the kitchen and they could have a glass of ice tea for it was warm.  

She wanted to get Emma alone for some woman talk. She asked Emma if Allen was a good husband and went through a list of things she felt were important to a woman. It was a session of “was he and did he?” which Emma found interesting for her own mother had never been so open and frank about married life.

If she had any problems with Allen she wanted to know and she would straighten him out she told Emma.  

After covering all bases Allen's mother had began to be taken with Emma and they talked like old friends.

The men folks joined in and said, “When do we eat?”

After dinner his mother gave them a gift for their house and called Allen aside, giving his dad time to get acquainted with Emma. She told Allen, “I think you have made the right choice, see to it that you treat her well with love, honor and respect.”

They said their goodbyes and headed home.

Their hours drive home would give them time to compare what his folks had said.
Emma didn't go into much detail about her conversation with his mom but Allen knowing his mom could guess how that went.   
To be continued

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