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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 2

Ready to Ship Out
Allen thought for sure he would be sent home for good but after his two weeks leave from basic training, he was told to report to the base for assignment.

He had filled out all of the papers about his education and job skills, and felt surely he would be assigned to ordinance and be stationed stateside.

No sooner he had arrived at base when he was billeted with those going overseas.

He tried to speak to the lieutenant in charge but he wasn't allowed to and instead he was told to talk to the sergeant. After the dressing down by the sergeant and being threaten with great violence, he decided not to do that again.

The company was issued heavy winter clothing, and was told they were leaving in two days. They were restricted to quarters and told not to try to contact anyone outside of barracks.

The next day they were shipped out to replace some of the battle worn troops already in Korea.  After their arrival in Korea, Allen's platoon was given two days rest and then ordered to the 38th parallel.

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Allen's first look across the divide of North and South Korea left him with an empty feeling. It looked to him a force could easily cross it, and quickly over power the few troops on the South's side.

There was a mish mash of soldiers from several nations there including many South Koreans who Allen figured must look like the Northern Koreans.  He was close enough to see what the North Koreans looked like and the only difference he could tell about them was the clothes they wore.

As the winter months set in nobody was concerned about the war, only in regards of trying to keep from freezing to death.

The truck with the motor running and the heater turned on, was a good place to keep warm; until the fuel ran out, and then it was time to look for another truck.

Usually they were to stay at the line for a month, and then they would get a week off in Seoul which was a relief.

Allen had attended church most of his life, and had adopted the Ten Commandments as a guide for living, and he didn't associate with those who habitually broke them.  Now he found himself living in close quarters with men who were the opposite of his morals and beliefs.

There wasn't much these men wouldn't do, and then they would try to tell him about their exploits. This was something he had never been exposed to before. He knew most of it was lies, but being up there at the artificial border those stories broke up the monotony.

Allen tried to remain somewhat aloof and private as he had always been and it caused the rest of the platoon to try to bring him out of his shell.

On the next trip to Seoul they found out it was his birthday. There were five of them that insisted on a party for him. He tried to resist but they all but dragged him into a place where drinks were served. They ordered drinks all around and when he asked what they ordered for him they assured him it was only pineapple juice for they knew he didn't imbibe alcoholic drinks.

After a couple of "pineapple specials" they were off and Allen noticed he had a bit of trouble walking straight. They stopped at another place and had two more drinks and Allen had to be supported as he walked along.

His friends saw a couple of MPs coming so they ducked into an establishment where it just so happened to be where girls were available.

Allen found himself being attended to by someone he didn't know.  He was dizzy, and began to think he could see through people's clothing for the woman attendant looked as if she didn't have her clothes on. After that he couldn't remember much else, but in the morning he had to look for his clothes and shoes in order to get dressed.

When things began to come into focus he vowed never to drink pineapple juice again, and then he discovered his money was all gone.

To be Continued.

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