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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 1

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Slim Shy Boy
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Allen Johnson was a slight boy with a slender frame. He wasn't the kind of person you wanted to back you up if you got into trouble.

For his first few years in school he didn't get very good grades.  For some reason he just didn't seem to "get it" or figure out what he was supposed to be learning. 

He received good grades on written assignments but did poorly on oral tests.

From the eighth grade on - - he received high marks except for athletic endeavors.  All boys in the gym class were supposed to climb up a rope about twenty feet long, but try as he would he never made it up more than ten feet.

At first all his classmates made fun of him, but toward the end of the term, different ones tried to help him get to the top by cheering him on but in the end he just couldn't climb that rope.

The coach finally gave up on him, and gave him a “C” grade for effort and let it go at that.  

In baseball he was the bat boy. In football he was the water boy and in basket ball he sat in the bleachers.

He was the only guy who never talked to a girl the whole time he was in school except when he was in the library one might on occasion ask him a question about an assignment.  

For some reason he was the runt of the family. His dad would get upset when Allen couldn't do as much work as his other brothers. 

At times his dad would ask his wife, "Are you sure that boy is mine?"
Of course Allen's mother didn't take kindly to dad’s allegations.  

He would continually say that to her when frustration sat in. 

The wife was finally fed up with his accusations until one day she answered and said, “You know I'm not sure whose boy he is. It could be one of several guys.” That was the last time his dad he ever made those suggestions to her again.

His mother wasn't skinny but she was small boned and she accepted the fact Allen took after her.

When Allen graduated from High school his prospects were not very good so his folks decided he should go on to college.  After two years of math and accounting, two things happened all on the same day.

He was offered a job at an accounting firm, and he received a draft notice to report to the army doctors for a physical.
The doctors agreed that he was a poor specimen of manhood but since there was a need for men they passed him, and he was sent to boot camp.

The first few days Allen would pass out when made to do something he didn't have strength to accomplish. They would sit him up and put his head between his legs until he came to.  After a week or so he began to last a little longer before he gave out.

Four weeks later he made it through the whole day and all the other guys taking basic gave him a big cheer.  He could scarcely hold his rifle steady when firing from a sitting position, and was always the last one coming in from a march to and from nowhere.  

In any case much to everyone’s surprise Allen was still standing when basic training was finished.

To be Continued

Come back tomorrow for the next chapter.


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