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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 15

A Baby?  Yes!
Allen was deep in thought about this new arrival on its way, but he was coming to grips with becoming a father.

Things were different for Emma since she was carrying the child and it was now moving around inside her. There was no question about her relationship with the child, and she was excited about becoming Mom.

Time was passing and in a couple of months she will not just be carrying it but would be holding it in her arms.  It had been a month since she left her position at her work, and she missed the pressure, her friends and the routine she had been accustom to for the last few years.

Allen still held her although it was getting harder to do so and holding hands had replaced much of the intimacy they had enjoyed.

They were down to weeks before their lives would be changed once again and a third party would have rights and they would have to share all they had with it.

Picking out a name filled some of their time and they had come down to two names, one for a boy and one for a girl.

Allen got to select the name for a boy, and Emma chose one for a girl. They decided on Joseph if it was a boy and Josephine for the girl, so it was either going to be Joe or Josie.   Neither was a family name on either side, it was just what they settled on.

It was a waiting game now. Allen was a little less detached from the child than before partly because he could feel it move from time to time and the more they discussed it he or she became more familiar.

The future grandparents came to visit more often now as the time neared and they seemed more excited than Allen was.

Of course they had names they preferred but Emma wouldn't tell them what they had decided on even though they pressured her.

 The last few days until the due date seemed long and tedious and the discomfort grew each day.

Allen was questioned about the progress mostly by the women in the office.

While Allen appreciated their interest, over time it became tiring answering the same questions each day.

Then the day came when Allen received the call he had been expecting, “Its time to go to the hospital.  My water just broke and the labor pains have started.”

It didn't take Allen long to get home and he loaded her suitcase and of course Emma in the car.  She told him she had called both grandparents to let them know.

When they arrived at the hospital they took Emma in a wheel chair to the labor room and prepared her for delivery while Allen signed all the paper work.  He found her in bed and a nurse was coming in every few minutes to check on her. Their conversation was interrupted every so often by another labor pain until the nurse told Allen they were moving her into the delivery room; and he might as well head down to the waiting room.

Down at the waiting room there were several men waiting just like he was. The minutes passed slowly and as he looked around the room some were nervous and fidgety while some of the others were laid back and relaxed or went to sleep.

Allen decided he could tell which ones had been through this before and which ones were experiencing it for the first time.  One by one they were called to see their wife and baby and Allen wondered what that was going to be like.

New Baby courtesy
Then his name was called. He followed the nurse down a long hallway and they arrived at the door where his family was. Was it going to be Joe or Josie? As he entered the room he saw for the first time his child.  
Emma looked up at him and said, - - -
“Hi, let me introduce you to your - - - 

To be Continued   


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