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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 12

Leaving Work Together
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After a month the people at work had run out of ways to tease the newlyweds, and things went back to normal except some of the girls would try to flirt with Allen to try to make Emma jealous.

Both she and Allen ignored them and eventually that stopped.

During the day at work, they were all business, but afterward as they left the workplace, they were all lovey dovey with each other. 

Their fellow workers couldn't believe how they changed as they left work.

Something else was brewing and Allen became aware of many audits taking place.  He realized that something was being checked up on.

About this time he was glad he had not taken any kick backs from suppliers even though he didn't know for sure what the auditors were checking on.

A few days later the news papers ran stories about the suppliers overcharging, and making kick backs to purchasers in the government.
What Have I Done?
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There was panic among some of the upper bosses for they were the ones who were being investigated.

By now the place was flooded with investigators who were going around the lower echelon workers asking them if they had received any of the kick back funds.  

If they admitted to receiving money, and gave evidence on their bosses they were not prosecuted, but if they denied the charge then they were further investigated.

When they asked Allen if had taken money he told them, no he had not, and he would not answer any more questions.  

Next they came with a team and demanded the records Allen had that related to purchases he was in direct control of.  

When he objected they accused him of having something to hide to which he replied. “There are men and women waiting for orders to be placed, and deliveries to be made, and what you are insisting on is going to place them in jeopardy; and I will see to it that you are held responsible for these failures to deliver to our military.”  

He then said. “Either let me do my job or you can do it, but don't try to intimidate me with your stupidity.”

They stared at each other for some time and then they explained, “We are only trying to do our job.”  

Allen replied, “I have already told the auditors that neither I nor anybody in my division have ever taken any kick backs, and if you have something specific you want to review, I will supply copies for you.  Good day to you sirs!”

After the men left Allen called his crew together and instructed them to go back to work, and not to worry for they were all in the clear.  

His team members who worked under Allen were surprised as to how he had stood up to the agents seeing that he was usually such a quiet unassuming man.

They gained more respect for him than they previously had thought possible.

After a few weeks the investigation was completed and Allen was called up to the office of the top man in the department.  There he was shown a paper with the names of those who were being fired.  On that list were some pretty good men, but they had yielded to the temptation of easy extra money.  

He told Allen that he personally had came out clean, and now he was going to move up a couple of positions that had to be filled due to the departure of those who were being let go.

 To be Continued    

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