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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 16

Today ends the continued story of Lil' Allen - But a new story will begin soon!  Have you signed up yet to receive each chapter by e-mail?  Enter your e-mail address in the box to your left and click on submit.
Emma smiled at Allen as he entered the room and said, “Let me introduce you to your daughter Josie.”

Allen started to breathe again, and went over to look at his offspring. Emma said. “Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?”

Allen didn't know what to say, it was so little, he answered, “No not ever. Josie, do you think she will like that name?”

Emma said, “Absolutely, I do, don't you?” Allen said, “Of course I do.”

He realized that he had not enquired as to how the mother was doing so he asked, “How are you doing?”  She answered, “I'm a lot sorer than I thought I would be but I am alright. Besides it was worth every bit of it.”

Allen just sat looking at his child, not saying much. Then the nurse came in and told him that Emma needed to rest, and to come back tomorrow.

That night it took Allen some time to go to sleep even though he was tired.

He couldn't stop thinking about Josie and couldn't get over the fact that she was here, was in good health, and soon she would be living with him.

The next day belonged to the grandparents; they spent a good portion of the day looking at Josie either when she was in the bed with Emma or through the nursery window.  
Three days after the birth Emma wanted to go home so the final preparation had to be made by Allen.

It had been shock after shock for Allen these few days.  And this one of picking Emma and Josie up to go home for the first time was another bit of a trauma for him.

Allen had taken a week off in preparation for this event but with Emma's mother would be staying with them for another week, so he decided to go back to work.

The girls in the office had many questions, and they were asked again and again until finally Allen kept his office door closed.

Baby Girl
A week later Emma brought Josie down for the girls to see and that created a stoppage of work.  Finally Allen said, “Everyone back to work now.”

Then Emma said aloud, “Now hush Papa, Josie isn't finished visiting yet.”

That sent Allen back into his office to do his work.  

Emma stopped by his office to say goodbye, and to change and feed Josie. All that visiting had made the baby hungry.  As Emma sat nursing Josie, Allen thought, “That is what breasts are really for and not just a fashion accessory.”

After they had left the office, Allen was looking forward to leaving work himself to be with them.

Although Josie had been with them only a few days she had already taken over the household and was in control of both Emma and Allen but they didn't seem to mind.

As Allen thought back over his life he realized both he and Emma were still young and that there would be more siblings for Josie either planned or not.

Life seemed like a long journey so far, some of it was very dull but also with some excitement along the way.

He was looking forward to the rest of their lives together and was going to make the most of. 

The end

Hurry back for more continued fictional stories!

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