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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today begins a new Fictional continued story. 
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Looking for any kind of Work

It was in the late 1830s when Leo arrived in St. Louis at the age of two.

His father had worked the docks down river until he was injured and subsequently died from his injuries.  

Though the family wasn't rich they had made a comfortable living with dad working steadily.  

After her husband’s death, Leo's mother, Letty finally ran out of money, and came to St. Louis bringing baby Leo, and looking for some kind of employment.  Her skills were few and she had difficulty finding something she could do to care for her and little Leo.

After several days she found herself in a place that wasn't in the better part of town but there she discovered a large building that had been a hotel. At present it was called, “Club Louise.”  

She had to wait for some time but finally was permitted to see Louise.  She explained her situation and the fact she had a child.  “I will do any kind of work for I am desperate at this point.”

Louise started to tell her to go away for she didn't need any more girls but the look of desperation on her face and the scrawny kid she was holding caused her to rethink the situation.  

Finally she said I don't need any help but if you will take a job that usually is done by the Negro women then I will try you out and see if you will work.

In a split second Letty's mind went back to the time when she and her husband had a comfortable existence and to her circumstances now.  How far she had come down but then she heard herself thanking Louise profusely for the job offer.

Since she was white Louise said she could live in the club albeit it would be a storage room she could clean out. She would have a bed and a little furniture. One thing Louise said you must do and that is to keep that brat in the room for I don't want him bothering the cliental.

Letty quickly agreed to that, but little did she know it wasn't going to end up that way.

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Gross was the word that described the job Letty was hired to do but she decided to do it to the best of her ability for she couldn't afford to lose this job.
It was what she needed, a room, food from the kitchen and a little money for other things they required.

When Letty took the job she didn't know what kind of place it was, or at least not exactly.  After one day the kitchen girls clued her in and from that time on she fully understood the goings on that happened there.

To start with this was a place where some men lived there all the time. Then there were others who traveled but kept a room for when they were in town.

Then there were those who came and would spend time there for a place to relax smoke cigars, and talk to other men who stayed there.

Young ladies were available, who were called hostesses and served at the client's pleasure.

There were several river boat captains who lived there part time and kept a room as their main residence. They got tired of being on their boat all the time and this served as a diversion for them.

After three months Letty's diligence paid off and she was given a new job in the kitchen.

She was ever so glad to get out of that filthy situation she was in for it was demeaning but it had to be done by someone, usually by someone as desperate as she had been.
Baby in the Kitchen
In this new position she could allow Leo to come into the kitchen and watch him there.

When the Hostesses found out there was this adorable little boy in the kitchen, they made over him and would take him for walks and otherwise entertain him.

To be Continued    

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