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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LIL' ALLEN Chapter 9

Getting to Know You!
As they were slowly sipping their second glass of brandy Allen began to feel a little different.

Since he didn't drink, a small amount of liquor affected him quicker than it would a heavy drinker.  Emma had been setting on Allen's lap for quite a while and his leg was beginning to go to sleep.  

He finished his brandy and suggested she pull a chair over next to him and sit there. She kissed him and this time he responded which caused her to linger, longer in what now had become an embrace.

She moved over to the chair and he asked her why she seemed so different and acted so diverse than she usually did.  She wanted to know in what way?

Allen explained, “You are cold and withdrawn when you are working and to put it bluntly almost unapproachable. You certainly aren't who I thought you were.”

“Well I am still that way with other people.  I will only be this way around you.  Would you rather that I flirt with all the men in the office like some of the girls do?” 
He replied, “Absolutely not.”

“Well there are some things you haven't discovered about yourself but you will as time goes by, I will see that you do.”

Allen was surprised at her answer but admittedly it was a pleasant surprise.

The night gown she wore didn't leave much to his imagination but after the brandy took effect he was even more pleased with it.

Anna told Allen it was time to go to bed which rather shocked him. He knew what was going to happen but he wasn't quite ready for it.  

She turned down the covers and lay on top of the sheet while he was folding up his street clothes and delaying coming to bed.  

Emma finally said, “That stuff can wait till tomorrow come on to bed.”

She told him, “I always sleep on the right side if that is okay with you.”  

He started to say I sleep in the middle but caught himself and said, “Okay that is fine.”

He turned off the light and lay down on the very edge of the bed. 

Then she said, “Turn the light back on so we can see what we are doing.”

It's amazing how quickly thoughts can go through your head all at the same time, for he thought. “No way is that going to happen, I don't need the light on to sleep, I'm not ready for this, she sounds like she has had this experience before and a lot more thoughts in about five seconds.

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But he did as she asked him to do, - - he turned the small lamp on the night stand on and it lit up the room.

Allen wasn't going to give up that easy so he said, “You know we haven't known each other very long and in a sense we are strangers.”

Her answer was, “If you don't call three years very long then that would be true.”

Allen said, “Yes it has been that long but what I mean is - - known in a personal way.”

She asked him, how do you get to know each other in a really personal way, by just talking?

She said, “You have a case of cold feet.” 
“Oh no I don't its just...” then his voice trailed off as Emma thought to herself, “I should have given him another of glass of brandy.”

She placed the paper bag on his side of the bed, and laughing said, “Just in case you change your mind, and then she turned the light off.

The next morning the light was on, the brandy was gone, and the paper bag was empty and the two were tired and slept in.    
To be continued

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