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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Having spent a lot of time living on the family farm I got to know the animals pretty well.

I mean I could recognize most of them. My uncle raised some guinea hens. They were an African fowl that were used for food by the tribesmen. They were too bony for the American taste but they were good watch birds. Nothing escaped they attention. They made the most awful noise which was an ear piercing sound that hurt your ears.

My Uncle also had some chickens. He had game birds, Rhode Island reds, leghorn and usually some Bantys. The little Banty roosters were only about one third the size of the large roosters, but they would throw out their chest and strut around the barnyard, and they thought they were something special. With their heads thrown back they would crow to the top of their voice.  I never saw one that didn’t act like that.

While out in the country I never met any people who felt the same way about themselves as that Banty rooster did.  Some folk would put on an act and try to pretend they were better than others, but in reality no one really felt proud.

Within the world of the Banty, he was something.  He would fight and chase the hens around the yard.  He had the right to be proud.  It was okay for him to feel like crowing, and not worry about what the other chickens thought.

What about the Christian does he have anything to feel proud about?  In his world, is it wrong to brag about JESUS and who they are “in Christ?”

Christian self esteem is not a sin.  Unless you feel good about who you are “in Christ” you cannot truly present Christ to the world.  Who wants to be like someone who shows forth low self esteem and a weak belief system?

One should never be afraid of true pride for it carries with it a humility that doesn’t demean and destroy one’s self esteem but rather leads to one being gracious and caring for others. On the other hand false pride in ones self is never helpful but leads to the hardening of the soul, the fruit of which is spoiled and fit for nothing.

When you fully grasp the essence of Christianity (not necessarily the demonstration of it which is sometimes crass) you have great reason to be proud.  It is based upon GOD’S love for man and the sacrifice HE made to bring it forth.

Pride which is an unwarranted exaltation of one’s self is what the Bible is talking about when it says” pride goes before the fall.” However the understanding of what Christ has done in you and for you lifts you above any feelings of worthlessness. Yes the born again Christian has a right to feel proud about their standing before GOD and should act accordingly.

Be a Banty today.

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