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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Around the close of the nineteenth century there was a lot of twentieth century harmonizing.

People of the same ilk, like barber shop quartets, sometimes waiters and the such, would sing and hopefully harmonize songs like;  My gal Sal, and if you wore a Tulip.

There was nothing worse than someone who couldn’t stay on key or whose timing was off. This was especially bad when in close harmony and singing acappella. This could be very grating almost like a donkey braying in a women’s trio.

Harmony is needed at work. How often do people whose personalities clash upset the whole work force.

When driving someone doesn’t want to flow with the traffic and cuts in and out it causes everybody to get upset and can result in someone else doing something unwarranted.
I might as well mention the family; this is a prime scenario for discord among all members.

And the church, there is no place where harmony is needed more than the church! Except maybe the operating room, especially if I’m on the surgery table.

In politics it is expected to have strong disagreements and they want to be applauded when they do agree on something. It causes one to think that maybe the elected ones are little more that lobbyist for certain causes.

But now we come to the most important place on the personal level where harmony is a must and that is within the person themselves. Discord within the person is a life most miserable. Sometimes at a funeral someone will say the dead person is finally at peace with themselves.

There are too many ways to mention, how we can be at odds with ourselves. There are times when our bodies demand things our mind knows aren’t good for us.

When we do that which is wrong for us, there is inner conflict and the whole person suffers; spirit, soul and body. It is as if we have some sickness that is attacking us.

Then there are the Christians, those who profess to be at peace with joy in their heart; do they ever have discord within themselves?  Are there times when the inner man that is born anew is at odds with their soulical nature?

When emotions run wild and demand to be catered to and overrule the spiritual nature, the result being sin, does that happen? That sounds like what Paul called; walking after the flesh.

In the 49ers days the miners would stake a claim and then try to prove up on their claim by producing gold but sometimes their claim would only produce a little dust. Are some of us only claimers and not producers? When people get to know us and dig around, do they find a vein of gold or just a little dust.

What we profess and what we produce must be Siamese twins, what one professes the other produces. It can’t be as a set of twins who appear to be alike but yet are separate each doing their own thing.

There is nothing worse than when our lifestyle doesn’t validate our testimony. Avoid at all costs being just a claimer.  Lets have a little Harmony here!!

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