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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, January 24, 2011


When the Charismatic movement began in the early 50s, many of the Pentecostal brethren had several problems with the way the charismatic brethren received the HOLY GHOST BAPTISM. They felt they should receive it (HIM) the Pentecostal way in order to be real.

This business of merely laying hands on people was simply too easy.

The Pentecostals believed in the old fashion tarrying method. Sometimes it took several years of tarrying before a seeker broke through, whereas the charismatic people merely laid hands on the person, and said “start speaking in tongues,” and the seeker did just that.

I have my own feeling about this conflict, but probably should keep my opinions to myself.

In any case the important thing was the seeker was first baptized into the body of Christ by the HOLY SPIRIT, and then was baptized by Christ into the HOLY SPIRIT.  Another way to say it is, first get saved and then be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT.

I have seen both methods used in ministering to seekers, and in most cases either will work for it is GOD who does the baptizing.

Back in 1976 I attended the RHEMA SCHOOL OF MINISTRY for a year, and worked in the prayer room with people who wanted to be “saved” and others who wanted to receive the baptism in the HOLY GHOST.

Many things occurred there, but one thing stood out from the others. A young man was a seeker, and I was appointed to minister to him.  After a settling down time I talked to him explaining the procedure we were going to follow.

We prayed for a couple minutes and then I laid my hands on him as I had explained to him.  Before I knew what had happened he shot straight up between my hands and almost hit the ceiling and came down yelling, “I got it.”  It took me a while to grasp what had occurred.

He was a little beside himself and didn’t want to talk to me any more.  He immediately went on his way rejoicing, and I sat there somewhat amazed and wondered what had just taken place.

I thought well this is great, but that was a one time experience seeing as I had prayed for seekers and had done the same thing many times, but never had anything happened before exactly like this.

If you are basically a Born Again Christian, please understand that there is MORE for you. Jesus wants to baptize you in the Holy Ghost!

Acts 1:8 “You shall receive Power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me.”

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