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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fakes 2

In the prior musing on “Fakes one” I covered an article on fakes where the writer warned about fake merchandise offered as the genuine article.

I researched a web site called Tiffany Fakes. They have numerous pages of warning about fake Tiffany products, and have them listed with pictures.

Further there are fake items listed on EBay, and while EBay tries to control bogus offering it is still “buyer beware.”

Within the church of Jesus Christ there are many “Fakes-a-faking it”. Their main purpose is to gain power over THE MEMBERSHIP and enrich themselves financially. Their mission statement should read; “Put words in GOD’S mouth and money in my pocket,” for this is their methodology.

This is a process whereby they give a false interpretation to a scripture (Putting words in GOD’S mouth) in order to take control of the membership, body and soul. Their greatest weapon is something inherent in all men and that is the, “Greed Factor.” This factor is the Achilles heel of the church; this weakness allows slick talking thieves to exploit those want-a-be faithful Christians. They call getting something for nothing “GOD’S blessing.”

When anyone speaks out against this practice they are hit with a barrage of denials and then they attack their objectors.

There are web sites that are springing up speaking out against these multi-millionaire con men in the pulpits two of which are below.


These exploiters promise great wealth to those who “Cast their bread upon the waters” and expect a miraculous return. The problem is before it returns it is hijacked by these preaching pirates.

These con men have learned from experts on how to use Christian’s dedication to GOD against themselves, and then their money is stolen that they need for themselves and family.

There is always a half truth involved in their teachings and the other half is made up out of deception.

In 1Corinthians 12 there are 9 gifts of the Spirit listed, but the fakes preach that there are 11 gifts. The two other gifts is the gift of adultery and fornication with which they are endowed with, and these gifts are often in manifestation. These preachers rush to defend one another whenever one of them is caught in the act of sin. They must do this for there is too much money at stake. As one said when being accused of fraud; I have the best defense that tithes can buy.

When Satan is in the pulpit the message will always be a half truth as it was in the Garden of Eden. People are being taken in and deceived in the same manner today. FAKES IN THE CHURCH and on TV ….? BEWARE!

GOD’S prosperity is fully outlined in Genesis the third chapter. He first dealt with the serpent, and then the woman, and then His attention was turned to the man. Gen.3:17-19 he laid out the future for all men till he came to verse 19 where he says: By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. In other words by your labor you will find success not by lying and ripping other Christians off through fraudulent methods that many practice today.

The old “You got to give to get” lie is picking the pockets of thousands of faithful Christians today with no end in sight. They will use scriptures like “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the (mosaic) law,” and now we are not under the curse. The only problem with that is, this commandment was not part of the law, and the sacrifice of Christ did not do away with this method of prosperity any more than our dying, for we still die physically.

These robber preachers set themselves as far greater than the apostle Paul for he just didn’t understand that he was suppose to become a millionaire from preaching the gospel like they have.

Here is a free book. You can download it PDF or just listen to it. See what you think about it.

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