New FREE e-book: The Old Man and the Widow

New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, January 3, 2011


The day was going very good until the master was taken away.

All of us fellows were left just standing there. Some of us had tried to resist, but the master told us to stand down.

He had done nothing wrong but the law was; what they said it was and it was ever changing.

The master would not answer any of the questions they asked him until one posed the question; “Are you the king of the Jews?  He replied “Thou saith.”

For no reason they beat him with many stripes and piercd his brow with a crown of thorns.

Being extremely weak he stood trembling and bleeding.

That day there were three men nailed to three crosses, and the death watch began.

There was a religious group that demanded that all three must die before the sun went down and the soldiers saw to it.

One man died with a prayer on his lips, another with a snarl, the remaining one spoke as he released His spirit, and said “It is finished.”

What had started long ago in a garden was no longer because now,


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