New FREE e-book: The Old Man and the Widow

New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, January 17, 2011


Nowhere in literature is there more drama found than in the first four chapters of Genesis.

Starting with all of the creation acts and then the rules of conduct for man, we are quickly introduced to GODS original plan. With the basic rules of conduct in place GOD then brings a help-mate for Adam on the scene.

The fact that the serpent chose Eve to deceive and tempt has been a subject which has caused much conflict, debate and offence. In any case she was the one chosen to be tempted and who first yielded to sin. Not long after, Adam followed her and partook of the fruit, and they entered into a state of death both spiritually and physically.

There was another tree in the garden called “The tree of life.” Eating the fruit that this tree produced would give eternal life to them; so GOD found it necessary to drive them from the garden and lock the door so to speak, lest they enter an eternal state as sinners not unlike Satan’s condition, lost with no hope of redemption.

They had it all but lost it by an act of disobedience to GOD’S words.

Their relationship with GOD changed at this point. Words cannot describe the emotional distress they suffered the rest of their lives.

No more innocence, no more paradisiacal existence, no more walks and talks with GOD. That relationship was over. The only hope was some thousands of years later man-kind would be redeemed by the son of GOD.

Relatively speaking, they now lived a miserable existence. Woman was condemned to pain when she bore her children. One son was self centered, disobedience and chose to murder his brother. GOD sent him forth into the wilderness there to dwell until he died.

As he left he cried; “my punishment is more than I can bear.”

He not only was separated from his family but also from GOD, there is no loneliness equal to that.

Today GOD is still available to those who seek HIM, and the Holy Spirit of GOD is constantly drawing people to Christ, but there is a time coming when that will be over.

The END TIME will come, and those who refused the invitation to come to GOD will experience a like experience that Cain did. The cry will be “My punishment is more that I can bear” eternally.

God’s word is always simple “Don't eat of that tree” but his word means what is says.

Except a man be born again he will not see, nor enter the kingdom of GOD, so simple yet treated by many as Eve did in the garden, with ig-nor-ance.

Quote from; Ray Stedman. “We have already seen that this whole story of the Fall is a prototype, an original pattern, of the process of temptation, of yielding to temptation, repentance and restoration, of any individual who has ever lived since that time. In other words, we all live in this third chapter of Genesis.”

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