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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 25

Three Girls all Talking at Once !!
The first two days of his vacation has been quite revealing and Lucas wondered if there were any more surprises in store for him.

He hadn’t been to the track for a while so he decided to drop in on the manager, and get brought to date on everything.

He was greeted by the manager Tom, and he wanted to know what Lucas had been doing.  He said he had been missing Lucas not being there testing their cars.  Lucas said he had missed being there and driving their latest models there.

The manager said, “There have been several girls wanting to know why you don’t come here anymore and how they could get in touch with you.  I always put them off saying you are too busy to be bothered with race cars.

They made me promise to let them know if you were going to be here so if it’s okay I will give them the word.  After all it won’t be so bad, having to fight them off, and you will probably enjoy it.”

Lucas just smiled as he thought back at the time when there were girls hanging around him, but he was so interested in the cars they were testing he paid them no never mined.
Lucas spied one of their old model race cars that was out in the foyer and as he went over to look at it.  He said, “I remember this car.  The first time I met Marley he was racing it.”

Tom said. “Yes this is one of his earlier models.  He ran circles around the other drivers in it.  I asked if I could keep it on display just to peak people’s interest and he said yes.”

Tom asked how Marley was doing and Lucas answered, “He is fine but busy.”

“Does he race anymore?”  

“Naw,”  said Lucas, “He doesn’t have time for that except once in awhile he will take one of the older cars out for a spin for fun.”

About that time there was three girls that showed up and one of them called Tom, Dad.

For the next couple of minutes there was a gush of nonsense coming from them until he tried to stop the flow of foolish talk by saying,  “Do any of you girls remember Lucas?” 

This broke their lack of focus long enough for Tom’s daughter, Allison stared for a second and said, “It is Lucas sure enough.”

This set off another flow of girlish prattle that Tom had to squelch for they all were talking at once.

He introduced the other girls and said, You remember Ally my daughter for she was always underfoot around here.”

Lucas said, “Sure I do. It would be hard to forget that precocious child.”

Ally said. “Who you calling names, Old man.”

Lucas had to laugh at being called “Old man.”

He thought these almost grads having aged five or six years has made a lot of difference in them.

Tom spoke up, “Well she is half grown.  She has the body of a woman and the mind of a child,” and that brought howls from all three girls.

Ally said, Do you have a car Lucas?”  He answered and said, “Sure.”

“Then you can take us home,” said Ally, with the other girls chiming in, “Oh yes you can take us home won’t you.”

Lucas looked at Tom and said, “Do you think it will be safe for me?”

Tom said. “Probably so, but you are on your own after you leave the premises.”
On the way the girls asked many questions, not waiting for his answers.

After he safely dropped them off at their homes he wondered how they ever conversed with one another because everyone was talking at the same time.

There was a race tonight and Lucas had agreed to drive the pace car to start the main event.  

To his surprise Ally was to drive the pace car to start the first heat race.

Later Tom said, “She does this quite often and is very good at it.  He said she is good in one of the race cars, but she keeps saying that she wants to race motorcycles.

So far whenever she is coming on strong she will fall off and that fear of messing up her looks slows her down for a while.  Before you leave she might challenge you to a race.”
Ally heard that as she came on the scene and said, “Sure I want to race him. We can have it as a special event if he isn’t scared of being beat by a gal.”

Lucas tried to get out of it gracefully but her nagging won out.

Lucas said to Ally, “You can’t win and I tried to tell you.  If I win, you will look weak. If you win they will say I let you win because you are a girl.

That doesn’t seem fair but since you have insisted we are going to have to go through with it.”

When she saw the logic of the matter she said, “You are right. I don’t know how I get myself into these things.”

Lucas said, “Give it your best shot, and I will figure something out.”

To be Continued

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