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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 18

Motor Bike Parts
The Service Manual for the motorcycle and the process ended up being read a little, and then work on the first motorcycle, and read some more.

Lucas had been taught while working with Abel to keep everything in order when taking an engine apart.  Some parts are hard to replace, especially small things like special screws and bolts.  

Marley had given him a spot in the shop where Lucas could dismantle the bike and he took everything apart.  Marley stopped by and checked the engine and saw it was rebuild able.

They sat down and made a list of everything they needed including a new buddy seat, “In case you want to give the girls a ride.”

That embarrassed Lucas and he said, “That will never happen.”

Marley said, “You want to bet?”  

While waiting for the motor parts, cables and other necessary things, Marley told Lucas to get started on the frame.  He had to remove the paint and check the frame for cracks.  

When he was finished he took the frame to the paint booth and left it there. as Marley wanted to use the same paint the factory used so the bike would look like it was just from the factory.

It took a few days for all the parts to arrive, so they raised the back wheel off the floor so Lucas could practice shifting gears on the other motorcycle  because that was the most difficult part of learning to ride.

Lucas heard that Abel had asked Sara to marry him and she accepted.  He went over and congratulated him and asked him what made him decide to do that.

He said, “I guess I fell in love again and it seemed the right thing to do.”

Lucas asked, “How are you going to like being a father?”

“Okay, I think for I am very fond of her already.  By the way she is going to stay at your house while we are on a honeymoon and you can get to know her yourself.  
Your mom said she would like to have a girl around the house for a while.  Her mother calls her Missy so that is what I will call her.  

While I am gone Mason will be watching the place here and maybe you can drop in and check with him if that's okay with you.”

Lucas said, “I'll do it and if some one needs some minor thing done I will help Mason with it.”

The wedding was on Saturday which was a busy day for Lucas but he managed to set aside all the things he would normally do.  He couldn't get to the track for there was too much going on.  

Abel asked Lucas to be the best man and he wasn't sure what he had to do but said he would do it.

Wedding Dance
courtesy photobucket
The matron of honor was Sara's aunt who was a large woman and older.  She and Lucas made a strange couple walking out of the church together.  

They told him he would have to dance with her and he said, “Nix on that, that's where I draw the line.”

When it came time for the dancing to begin he grabbed a girl who lived down the street and started to dance with her.  

The aunt had a streak of mischief in her for she knew what he was going through and she came over and told the girl Lucas was dancing with.  “I'm cutting in Honey,” and began to dance with Lucas.  She said, “If it's alright with you I will lead for I don't follow very well.”

Thankfully the song was almost over and she released him because she had enough fun at his expense.  

The girl Rita he had been dancing with came over and said, “Let's get some cake and punch.” Lucas felt relieved at that suggestion and went with her. They spent the rest of the evening together mostly sitting or dancing.  

The time came to close everything down for the bride and groom had long since left. Since Rita lived near him he walked her home.
On the way back to his house Lucas thought, “Maybe there is something to this boy and girl thing.” 
To be Continued

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