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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, August 23, 2013


Today is a Rant, but my continued story will follow soon.
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Here in America we find a group of individuals who protest any and everything Christian.

They ignorantly proclaim “There is no God.”

Due to the fact most Christians are peaceful, as much as the present culture of this country will allow, Christians are not physically opposed.

My thought is that if these “Un-Believers” are sincere in their unbelief, I challenge them to prove their unbelief by going to some of the Islamic countries and parade up and down the streets declaring “There is no Allah.”

Until they are willing to prove their faith en masse by doing so, they can’t possibly know if what they proclaim (there is no God) to be right or wrong.

It is time for the ultimate test for their anti-God stance.  Christians are dying every day for their belief in these Islamic lands; so it is only fair for the anti-Christ believers to go forth and show and proclaim their faith in the Islamic countries.

Until they demonstrate by proclaiming their doctrine in these lands, they show that they don’t truly believe in Atheism. 

It is just a way to draw attention to them-selves.  
I don’t need for someone to argue with me about this; It is “Show me time.”



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