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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 37 Final

Lucas found a contractor who had gone bankrupt during the war and ended up working for the government at a supply depot.  Once again he was out of a job and that was his situation when Lucas found him.

Lucas asked him, “How is it that you went broke during some of the most prosperous times in history?”

The man, Raymond answered, “It does seem strange, but I had many projects going, but all at once I couldn’t get materials to finish them, and the bank foreclosed on them causing me to lose everything.  I couldn’t even bid on government projects for I had no money for the required Bonds and no credit.  I took the supply job so my family could eat.”

That answer told Lucas what he needed to know about his past.  He now wanted to talk about the future.  Lucas asked Raymond, from his view point what the future held for builders.  

Raymond said, “This is all I have thought about the last few years and I concluded that the only way to make any money will be to do it all.”

Lucas said, “What do you mean by do it all.”

Raymond said, “Find property adjacent to cities that you plan to develop and then build houses on a grand scale.  You will starve trying to build one house at a time.”

Lucas said, “How many do you have in mind to build at a time?”

He said, “As many as the area will support.  With all the servicemen coming home and starting families there will be a great demand for houses especially new one with modern connivances.”

After spending a week with Raymond, Lucas could see the potential for being in the main stream of “what’s happening now” and he wanted to be a part of it.

Raymond suggested that they talk to Abel about subdividing the land he had which was twenty acres at present, and build a small tract of homes.  Able could keep a couple of acres for himself or take one of the new homes.
Ray as Lucas started calling Raymond said, “At present, or within the year about ten houses would be about all this area could absorb.  Then later they could finish the project but the main thing was they wouldn’t have to lay out the money for a land purchase.”

It took six months to get ready to start the first house, but after that they would build three at a time.  Before they were finished the homes were sold. Ray was out scouting for property in and around the larger cities.

Lucas sold the property he bought from Marley for that race business was behind him.  He wasn’t interested in race cars anymore.  He kept a few cars down at the race track for local interest but rarely went to the track himself.

Sammie, as Lucas decided to call his son was growing and was nearing his fourth birthday.  He spent a lot of time at Abel’s and his cousins and his auntie’s place.  

Abel had retired from repairing autos except for the hard luck stories that showed up at his doorstep.  Just to help them out he would relent and repair their vehicle.  Then he would swear not to get sucked in again for he always lost money on the deal.  Seems people were always broke and couldn’t pay for the parts.

After two years the construction business was booming for Lucas and Ray.  They had the formula figured out for putting a package together that would make a lot of money.

Leslie never went to work for she was very happy being a home maker which was something Lucas needed more than an extra paycheck.

Then it happened. - -  Something neither Lucas nor Leslie wanted.

Sammie having reached the grand old age of five came in one evening and looked to be deep in thought.  
Then Sammie said, “I’m a racer” and I want you and Uncle Abel to build me a car for I need to get started on my career.


Postscript:  Once you get to know the people and their lives it is hard to leave them for their future is still ahead of them, but the time comes when we must move on and meet some new friends.  Robert

New continued story friends will be here soon !!


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