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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 28

Mama and Her New Man Moved in
After Leslie left and returned to college Lucas still had a few days of vacation left so he and Mason decided to go fishing the next morning.  

They didn’t have any luck and it was getting hot so they decided to call it a day.  They went to town and had lunch and then said goodbye.

Lucas decided to go home and rest for awhile.  As he approached his house he heard loud music coming from his house and a van being unloaded.  He recognized the motorcycle in his driveway as belonging to his new step dad, Huston.

He glanced into the van and it was mostly junk that should have been taken to the dump.  He went to the house and found his mother on the back porch.

Trying to control his anger he asked, “What is going on mother dear?”

She answered, “Come here my baby, and she grabbed him and hugged him like she did when he was young.”

That move calmed him down.  She began talking none stop about her situation and ended up saying they weren’t able to find any work so they couldn’t pay the rent on their house.  

She went on saying, “I didn’t have any place to stay, so me and Huston decided to come back home to our house.”

Lucas said, “You know I bought the house from you and it is mine now don’t you?”

She said, “Yes but what’s yours is mine isn’t it?”

About this time Huston came around and said, “Hi, how you doing?”

Lucas answered by saying, “Okay, I guess.”

Huston said, “Yo mom said it would be alright for us to move in here since we didn’t have anyplace to stay, I hope it is alright.”

Lucas didn’t answer directly but asked his mom what she had in mind.

She said, “Well, I thought we could all live here until Huston could find some work, and then we would decided what we would do after that.”

About that time a big hulking man came sauntering in and his mom said, “This is Huston’s brother, Monk.  He will be staying with us also for a while.  In fact he always stays with us.”

Lucas said excuse me for a moment and went out to his car to think. As he thought there wasn’t an easy answer that came to mind.  

One thing was sure he couldn’t throw her out on the street, and he couldn’t imagine himself living with Huston and Monk.  Beyond that nothing came to mind as to what to do.

He went in and said. “I’m moving in a few days to where our new factory is being built and I still have my old apartment so I will come by tomorrow and get my things.
Meanwhile you can get settled in.”

He grabbed a few personal things he didn’t want to lose for he figured if Monk got his hands on them it would be hard to get them back.  

When he had his car packed and started to leave Huston came up to him and asked if he could borrow a few bucks for they didn’t have any food and he didn’t want his woman to go hungry.

Lucas asked how much did he have in mind and he said, “A couple hundred would do for a start, but he would need some more later.”

Lucas said here is twenty dollars, and that cycle you have, should bring about a hundred and eighty if you sold it.  That would give you the two hundred you need.  As for later, there ain’t going to be a later.  

He when on to say I will pay the utilities for three months by then you should have some employment for they are hiring in town at several places.

You should get a job tomorrow, both you and Monk for it is no fun being broke and hungry.  
With that Lucas got in his car and left.  He couldn’t ever remember feeling like the way he was feeling right now.

It ran the full gamut of emotions and trying to make sense out of it all escaped him.  
One decision he did come to was his mom had got all she was going to get out of him for he wasn’t going to pay for her decision to have a man in her life.

As he started to leave his mother came out and said, “Huston told me you didn’t treat him very nice.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lucas.

“Well he said you wanted him to sell his motorcycle and go and get just any job.  He doesn’t work at jobs that are below his skill level for that is demeaning, and for you to suggest that he do that is shameful.  That isn’t the way I raised you.  He is a smart man, way smarter than you.”

Lucas said. “Perhaps I shouldn’t ask this but if he’s so smart, why is he trying to live off of me?  Where is the car that was in the driveway?”

She said, “It didn’t run and besides it wasn’t paid for, so we left it for the finance company to pick up if they wanted it.”

Lucas said, “Well the way I look at it if he doesn’t work, he won’t eat because he has got all of the money out of me he going to get.”

To be Continued

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