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Monday, August 5, 2013


This post is extra so it can be shared at Hazel's Tell Me a Story.  My continued story will follow shortly.  To view my continued story there is a small home button at the top of the page that will take you there.

The Big Yellow House
“No lengthy overpriced menu to look over: just a "dinner is served, wipe the mud off your shoes, pass the gravy, and come an get it” type of concept. 

 As Mom or Grandma would do every night! (When families ACTUALLY SAT DOWN for dinner!)  The food was flavorful, freshly made, and taught me to love my vegetables at a early age!  
Generous portions and was "all you can eat" too. Plus it was 3 courses included for one low price...geez, who does that??  No one. Can't forget either, they had very BEST cornbread!! The gal comes around many times with piping hot CB in her basket. Served with honey butter...yummy!”
So said one former customer at the really great restaurant which was part of a chain and I had to agree.
We watched as the building was being built, and when they were almost finished it was painted bright yellow. 
We wondered what it was going to be.  Finally we realized it was a new restaurant and as soon as it was open for business we made our way to it for dinner.
The prices were moderate and the meals were the best.  I took the family there often and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the service.
Then came, “The good idea man” on the scene who said, “If we cut out this part of the meal we will make more money,” and so it was.
Being successful in that endeavor in his great wisdom he said, “Let’s raise the prices and we will make more money,” and it was so.
His ideas were working so well he said; “Let’s go for it, let’s push the envelope to the limit,” and it was so.
We had our last meal there and it was what you might call an unhappy meal everything had gone into the tank, less food, poor service, steadily rising prices.
The yellow house closed shortly after that and sat vacant for some years.
We certainly enjoyed “The Big Yellow House” before the “Good Idea Man” took it over and so it was.
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