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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

THE RACER chapter 17

Racing Bike
Because of his involvement with Marley the Auto Racer, Lucas didn't spend as much time with Abel and Mason.

However he found the Abel and Sara thing interesting.  The man and woman issue never occurred to him before as something that was a "happening."

He realized that people were getting married from time to time, but as to the process, he never paid any attention to that.  He was always so interested in becoming a race car driver - - it was his whole world.

Time was passing and he would soon be thirteen, and he had become both a better and faster driver.

HO ho, there was something new at the track.  They were going to start having motorcycle races.  

This was something new and exciting for Lucas.  He began to get acquainted with some of the riders, some of which were only a couple of years older than him.

It seems they were allowed to race motorcycles at a younger age than the race cars.  
This perked Lucas's interest, partly as some of the guys kept saying he should try to race cycles until he was old enough to get in the cars.

He talked to Marley about this and he said it would probably a good idea to get a new level of experience.  He said all competition in racing is the same, and he would learn that it is every man for themselves.

Some guys will do anything to win even if meant wrecking someone else.

He said, “You can see all of the dirty tricks, racers will pull on you out there and you can expect them to do it.  He said if you are interested I know where there is a cycle we can get and turn it into a racing bike.”

Lucas said. “I have never ridden a motor bike before only a bicycle.”  

Marley said, “If you would like to take a little time off from cars, I will show you how to ride and more importantly how to race a bike.”

Lucas said, “It sounds good to me let's spend some of your money and get started.”

The next afternoon Lucas and Marley went over and saw a man that had two motorcycles for sale.  

He wanted forty dollars each, but when Marley told him he would give him forty dollars for both the man took it.

They loaded them up, and on the way to the shop Lucas asked, “Why did you buy two from the man?”

He answered and said, “One for you to race and one for you to ride regularly.  If you only ride on the track you will never learn how to race.”

Lucas could see the logic in that and now he was thinking in a different vein.

When they arrived at the shop Marley had one of his men steam clean both bikes so they could get a good look at them.  

After they were cleaned of all the dirt and grease Marley said, “Let’s see what we have.”

The first one started but ran poorly, and the second took awhile and had to be pushed before it would fire off.

Lucas said, “No wonder he was willing to take forty dollars for them.”

Marley said, “I knew we would have to rebuild them, but these are the best on the market for racing and for street use.  When we get them rebuilt they will look and run like new.”

Lucas always believed Marley, but this was stretching his faith in him.

Marley said, “Get those service manuals the man gave us and start to read.  I want you to know everything there is to know about these bikes.”

Lucas looked somewhat askance, but didn't say anything for awhile.      

Then he said, “Maybe you should read them for I'm not sure I will be able to understand that technical language.”

Marley said, “I already know all about these bikes.  You are the one who needs to "bone up.  We will fix the street bike first so you can begin to ride it.”

Hearing that changed everything for Lucas, he said, “I will keep them with me and will study them in my spare time.”

Marley said, “Good for you, because you are going to do most of the work as I am too busy to mess with them.

To be Continued


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