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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 19

Bike with a Buddy Seat
After Lucas went to church, the next day he went over to Marley's shop and worked on the motorcycle's engine since all the parts were there and he managed to complete the assembly.

There is something about completing a phase of a job that makes you want to sit back and admire what you have done.

The paint was finished and the tires were mounted on the wheels so he decided to at least bolt them on, and then he could install the engine the next time he was free.

He had promised Abel he would check with Mason and see if there was something that needed to be done.  Between the two of them they should be able to handle whatever came up but it wasn't going to leave him much time to work on the cycle.

One of Marley's men was free for a couple of days so he had him continue the assembling of the bike.  The next time Lucas saw it the whole thing was done.

Abel and his bride had returned from their honeymoon, freeing up Lucas and he was excited to give the cycle a big test.

So far it had never run and he was very nervous about the whole thing.

Marley said, “I want to make a final check and we will turn it over.”  About ten minutes later Marley cranked it over and it was trying, but couldn’t start.

After a couple of adjustments it roared, and the vibrations shook the building.  After a few more adjustments it smoothed out and purred.

Marley went over and took out some saddle bags from a box and gave them to Lucas.  “Bolt them on and it will be ready for the road.”

For the next few days Lucas practiced riding around Marley's property until he felt comfortable with it.  Marley said you can use it to go to school or wherever you want to go.  

Remember you need to get all the experience you can for next we start on the racing bike.

While all the guys were standing around Marley said, “Don't you forget what this buddy seat is for?  I expect you to have a pretty girl sitting on there.”

Lucas tried to fight off his embarrassment, but with all the guys laughing and making comments it was simply too much for him.  

He decided to wait until Monday to ride it to school, and when Monday came off he went.

As it would happen, Rita came out of her house just as he passed there and she stepped off the curb and waved him down.  While looking at the buddy seat, she said, “I'm running late so can you give me a ride?” 

After hem hawing, he said, “Sure hop on.”

He tried not to look while she adjusted her dress, but couldn't help it.  She smiled at him and said, “Let's go,” as she grabbed his waist to hold on.

For the first block he didn't breathe but finally had to have some air and inhaled a big breath.  The rest of the trip was uneventful, and they were soon at school.

She hopped off and said, “I'll meet you after school and I’ll ride home with you if it's okay.” And off she ran.

Lucas noticed some boys that were no longer in school. They should have been in the senior class, but had been suspended.  
He parked the bike near his class room, and hoped it would be safe there.

After school as he was walking to his bike when he saw one of the boys cut his saddle bags and his seat, then another one broke his headlight out. They laughed and ran away leaving the bike messed up.
About this time Rita showed up and said, “I saw what they did and it wasn't funny.”

Lucas said, “Be careful on the seat where it is cut and you will be alright.”

He let her off at her house, and went directly to Marley's shop.  When Marley saw the damage and Lucas told him what happened, he was quite angry.

He knew the guys who damaged the bike, and said, “I know how to handle this.”

The boy's dad had given the seat cutter a new car for Christmas and he was seen all over town in it.  The dad also had a new car of his own.

That night it seems that someone had put sugar and sand in the gas tank of both cars which destroyed their engines.

The boy's dad figured that someone was getting even for something the boy had done, and had a serious talk with him.

Marley said, “Take the seat down to the upholsterers and he can fix the seat in an hour but as for the saddlebags that will take some time.

With a new seat repair and a new headlight Lucas was ready for school the next day.

To be Continued


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