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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

THE RACER chapter 12

A Dreamer with Head in the Clouds
courtesy Free Clip art
Needless to say the weekend was too slow in coming for Lucas.  At night he dreamed of being famous.

After school he would sit in the car, and imagining what it was going to be like when he was actually on the track and going around where the midget cars raced.

On Friday night they all were at Abel's shop, and were going over the final plans.  
Mason had built a trailer for Abel, and they were going to transport the car to the track with it.

They had all the tools, gas, and oil they could possibly need.  They agreed to meet the next morning about six thirty for they had to be on the track by seven.

Just before nine o’clock, the midget cars would show up, and they would have to get out of the way at that time.

Every one was on time and they were trackside by seven.  They rolled the car off and made one last check with the final instructions to Lucas.  As they were getting ready to fire it up another truck pulled in and parked in the pit area.  

Mason knew the man was one of the guys that raced there, and struck up a conversation with him.  After a few minutes they came over to where Lucas was and the man looked over the racer.

He talked to Lucas about his car and Lucas told him all about it.  The man said, “Well start her up and hit the track that is if you’re here to do some laps.”

Lucas said, “Yes sir, I'm ready,” and with that he cranked it up and was off to the track.  Lucas had been instructed to start off slow and get used to the track and then increase his speed but not too fast.

He obeyed the instruction and gradually sped up to his top speed.  He was told to do about ten laps and then bring it in to be checked over.  The race car driver, Marley watched Lucas, and was impressed with his concentration on what he was doing.
After about ten laps he pulled back into the pits and they checked the car over.  Lucas said I think the governor is not letting me go full speed which made Abel laugh.  He said, “I think you are right, but we didn't want you to blow it up the first time here.”  

With that Lucas headed back to the track and by eight he came in and they loaded up before other drivers and cars started to arrive.

John, Lucas's dad sat in the stands so he could get a good view of Lucas driving the track.  
Marley had a conversation with Lucas when he finished and said, “You can come over to my facility and look at the cars we are building and bring the fellows with you.”

Lucas said, “I would sure like to do that.”  “Okay I'll be looking for you.”

Lucas couldn't have been any happier.  He at last had driven on a real race track and his car ran well.

His dad joined them and congratulated him on his successful endeavor and gave his thanks to Abel and Mason.

He said, “You don't know what this means to my boy.”

Lucas looked at his car on the trailer and thought if you could only go a bit faster.  
There were several guys showing up to the pits and some were teasing Lucas, saying "How fast can you pedal it" and such nonsense.

Lucas took it in stride and teased them right back saying, “A lot faster than you could.”  
The fact they were teasing him made him happy for it was a form of acceptance.

Mason said, “Let’s get out of the way and let the guys get ready for the afternoon race.”

All the way back to the shop Lucas was thinking, “I am a racer.”

To be Continued

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