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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 33

Army Boots for Lucas ??
The European conflict had drawn this country into to war, and after they had finished with Lucas’ house renovation they returned to their apartment.

Lucas had taken on a look of seriousness, and wanted to talk about their future.

Leslie said, “Alright but one thing you should know is there is another consideration. We will have to plan for three instead of two because we are going to be parents.”

Lucas almost said, “How did that happen?” but caught himself for he knew how it happened.

Even though he was usually restrained, he couldn’t contain himself at that news.  He said, “Maybe we should move back to our house since it is just like new and that would be a good place to raise our family.  With your sister nearby she would be a great help.”

She agreed and said, “Yes our furniture would fit right in and we wouldn’t need anything else except for the baby.”

Lucas said, “Then it’s settled.”

During the next week they were planning to move when Lucas received greetings from Uncle Sam.  He was being inducted into to army.

Lucas said, “This doesn’t have to interfere with our plans to move so let’s finish packing.”

By the end of the week they had all of their furniture in place in the house and had an extra bedroom being built on for the baby when it came.

Lucas was summoned by the army to come and take his physical, but was found to have flat feet, which disqualified him for service.

This changed things again for he wasn’t planning to have to seek employment any time soon.

Due to his connections in the design department of the new army motorcycle he heard over the grape vine, there was some fear we would be joining Britain in the war against Germany.

During the last war there had been shortages of most everything and he was guessing that the same thing would happen again should America decided to join in with Britain.

Lucas drove by Marley’s old shop and there was a sign on it for sale.  He contacted the person whose phone number was on the sign and asked how much they were asking for it and when the man told him Lucas said he would like to see inside.

He met the man and when he got inside it was just as they left it with all the equipment still in place.  Nothing had been touched in the offices.  Even the hand tools were there, the welders, paint equipment, and everything.

He told the man he thought the price was a little high, but he made an offer on it.

The man said the owner was out of the country but he could reach him by phone.  Lucas said that would be alright for he was in no hurry.  

When he told Leslie what he had done she asked, “What are you planning to do with that.”

He said, “I don’t know but I will figure it out.”  

A couple of days later the agent met with Lucas and told him he had contacted the owner and told him who the buyer was and he countered your offer.  

Lucas said, “I don’t know, I think my offer is as much as I will pay.”

The agent said, “I think you will be pleased with the price he wants.  He said he knew you and were friends and the price to you will be one dollar.”

Lucas said, “You must be mistaken or didn’t hear you right.”

“No, no I got it right, and he told me to use my power of attorney and sign off on the deeds as soon as I received the dollar.”

An hour later the paper work was finished and Lucas was still shaking his head in unbelief.  

Then the man said, “Marley said to tell Lucas, that he hoped this would makeup for being pushed out of the business, and was sorry he couldn’t explain everything because of security.”

As Lucas went home he felt much better about what had happened in the last year for he didn’t understand why Marley had dumped him until now.

He thought, “I have some serious thinking to do for it seems there are some dark days ahead.”

A few months later Leslie presented Lucas with a girl baby.  He could hardly contain himself.

At the hospital they wanted to know what name to put on the birth certificate and Lucas said, “I thought Samuel was the name I wanted but considering the circumstances I think Leslie had better choose.”

She said, “I name you Bella Mae,” and Lucas said, “Bella Mae it is.”

To be Continued

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