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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 29

Lucas' New Step Dad Did Not Like to Work

Lucas stopped by Abel’s place and brought him up to date concerning his mother’s state.

He told him that there was a good chance they would try to borrow money from him, and that if he gave them money they would be back for more and might try to intimate him for larger sums.

Abel said, “Thanks for that info.  My wife is a sucker for a sob story and I will tell her what you told me.”

Lucas said, “I have to be on my way.  The factory construction has been started and is being built so I’m going over and get myself a place to live near there since I am almost out on the street.  
I understand your sister-in-law, Leslie is in college not far from where his new plant is being constructed.  If I could have her phone number I would like to call her and go out to dinner if she is interested.

Abel said, “I will have to get it from my wife.”  When he returned he said, “Here it is and so far as her being interested I think this is something she was hoping for.  I know for a fact she took a liking to you but she didn’t let on because of her going to school and the distance between you and her.”

Lucas said, “That is good to know.  The town we are moving to is quite a large city so I will try to get her to show me around.”

Lucas went by the shop to see if Marley was there.  It seemed strange to see the place so quiet.  Usually there was a lot of noise going on because of the fabricating of the cars.  
The maintenance man was the office looking over some of the drawings and specifications for the new bikes they were going to manufacture.

Lucas greeted him and asked, “What are you doing here?  I thought you were on vacation like the rest of us.”

The man said, “There was a few things I needed to get done.” 

Then Lucas saw that he had some of the plans under his arm. 

Lucas said, “So, you are the one who has selling secret information to our competitors.”
Stealing Ideas
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The man dropped everything he was holding, and ran out of the building.

Lucas called the new construction site and Marley was there.  After telling him everything Marley said, “I’m glad you caught him for I suspected it was him, but couldn’t prove it until now.”  
Marley said, “The government will be glad to get this information and they will deal with this guy.”

After this event Lucas began to see how serious things were getting to be.

He told Marley he was coming up to look for an apartment to be prepared for when they close the shop and move to the new facility.  Marley said, “Fine I have a few places for you to look at and, we will be closing the shop as soon as we finish the bikes we have promised to build.”

The next day Lucas met Marley and they looked at places for Lucas to live.  There was one really nice place but Lucas thought it was more than he could afford.  
Marley said, “You will be getting a big raise, and you can handle it okay and besides I own it.  I want you and a few other designers near at hand so if we have a problem we can get right on it.

Lucas took the apartment but it felt strange being in there with no furniture. The stuff in his old apartment wasn’t going to be nice enough for this place.

He told Marley that he didn’t know how to buy the right furniture for this place.

Marley said, “Don’t look at me.  You need a woman to help you furnish the place.  
Don’t you know someone who might help you?:

Lucas said, “No I don’t, hey, maybe I do know someone.  I could ask and see if she wouldn’t mind helping me.”

Later that afternoon he called the number Abel gave him and Leslie answered.  

Lucas said, “I don’t know if you remember me but I met you at Abel’s a while back.”

She interrupted him and said, “Hello Lucas.”     
To be Continued 

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