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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, August 19, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 30

A new Apartment for Lucas
In response to Leslie’s surprising, “Hello Lucas,” he asked, “How did you know it was me?”

She answered, “One I recognized your voice, and two my sister told me to expect a call from you.

He said, “I was wondering if we could have lunch or dinner in the near future and catch up on things?”

She answered, “Sure, when shall we do it?”

Lucas said, “How about tonight if you aren’t busy.”

She replied, “I’m always busy but tonight would be fine.”

He said, “I can get a car to pick you up with, or if you are up for it, we can ride my bike.”

Leslie said, “How about I pick you up in my car; I think it will get us to where we are going.”

Lucas said, “Where shall we go?”

“I know just the place,” she answered.

“Lucas said, “Okay I’ll leave it up to you.”

Marley had the phone company install a phone at Lucas’s new place for he wanted to be able to contact him without going over there.

At the appointed time Leslie pulled up to Lukas’s place and came in and looked it over.  Lucas had bought a bed and had it delivered but that still was all he had in the place.

Leslie laughed and said, “It sure is roomy without any furniture.”

Lucas said, “That is one of the things I want to discus with you.  Can you, would you be interested in helping me shop for what I need here?”

She replied, “Well Perhaps I could.  Let’s look at each room and decide what the minimum things you need and then later you can pick up other things you want.”

Leslie said, “Let’s go to dinner for I’m getting hungrier by the minute.”

Lucas said, “I’m with you on that where shall we go?”

Leslie said, “There is a really good restaurant not far from here, and we can go over every room for furnishing.”  

After the finished their meal she told Lucas to take out a piece of paper and make a rough sketch of his apartment.  After he did that she said, “Now let’s take each room and make a list of what you want in each room.”

After about an hour of making a list and editing it by adding to and subtracting from it they had what seemed to be everything he wanted and needed.

Lucas said, “This is really going to help but now what do I do with it?  Can you go with me and help pick out things that go together?”

She said, “I think I had better because I afraid you might end up with a mishmash of furniture that doesn’t coordinate with each other.”

They met for breakfast on Saturday and waited for the stores to open up.  

She had to over rule him on many of the items he thought would be nice to have and she explained why they were wrong.  

“The time may come when you may want to move and it is important you have things that are neutral and will fit in many different settings otherwise it will be back to the store for all new things.”

The next week everything was delivered and except for a little rearranging everything was perfect.  When Leslie was finished putting the final touches on the arrangement of everything, Lucas was amazed how well things went together.
He told Leslie, “It embarrasses me to tell you this but without your help it would have been a disaster.”

Marley showed up as they were admiring the apartment and said, “Wow, this place looks great.”

Lucas said, “This is Leslie and she is responsible for the way everything looks.”

To which Marley said, “You better keep her and don’t let her get away.”

Being embarrassed Lucas started to say several things like oh we hardly know each other and other such statements but heard himself saying, “Oh, I plan to do just that.”

After taking the tour Marley said I had better be on my way for the misses will have dinner on the table for me.

They both laughed after Marley left but then after a quiet moment she said, “Did you mean what you said?”   “What do you mean,” Lucas asked.

With a bit of a twinkle in her eye she said, “Don’t play dumb with me.”

He said, “Oh you mean something about not letting you get away, was that it?”

She said, “I believe that was what I referred to.”  With his eyes averting her looking directly at him he said, “I don’t know much about this stuff but I’m hoping you don’t getaway.”  

She said, “Oh.”  He went on and said “I know a lot of girls that frequent the race tracks but you are the only one I have ever wanted to be my girlfriend.”

Before she could speak he went on, “And maybe be more than just a girlfriend.”  

She said, “We hardly know each other.”  

He said, “Why don’t we get to know each other afterwards.”   
To be Continued

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