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Sunday, August 4, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 15

Racing Cars
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About an hour later Marley said, “I think they have had enough time to finish the car so let's go check it out.”

When they got there it was parked with the other race cars and at first Lucas didn't see it because it was not as big as the regular size cars.

Finally he saw it down between two racers.  Marley said, “That car is going to be a problem for me.  If I can't get someone to drive it then I will have to dismantle and junk it.”

Then Mason spoke up and said, “Why don't you go and sit in it Lucas and see if you fit in it.”

Lucas didn't move.  He was just looking at Marley and waited for him to say it was okay, because he knew how particular he was about his equipment.

Marley hesitated for a moment and then said, “I guess it will be alright.”

Lucas ran to the car and then he saw his name written on it.  He turned and looked sheepish at everyone and said, “Am I going to drive this car?”

Marley said, “Do you think you can handle it?”  

Lucas said, “I don't know, but I sure would like to find out.”  In his own mind he thought, “I'm a racer.”

Marley said, “We will take it to the track early on Saturday and give it a trial run, but now go ahead and sit in it, and we will see what adjustments need to be made for you.”

As he sat in the car he couldn't believe that anyone would be as good to him as Marley and the other men had been.  This was the climax to all the dreams he has had.

The engineer positioned Lucas in the driving position and made notes on the changes that needed to be made.  The car would accommodate a larger person by design so as Lucas grew he would still fit by making additional adjustments.

He told Lucas what he was going to do, and afterward he needed to come back and see if he was comfortable in the car.

Lucas thought about his old car and how it became difficult to manage.  He didn't want to get out but his dad said it was time to go.

Marley said, “Come back tomorrow and it should be ready for a final fit.”

He said, “It must be right for no one can drive his best if the car doesn't fit him.”

Lucas didn't want to leave and if they would have let him he would have slept in the car all night.

The next day Mason brought Lucas back to Marley's shop and he went to the car and got in.  One of the first things he saw was they had painted a number on it. It was 01 which no one on the circuit was using.  He got in and fastened the seat belt and could see how much better everything was.

The engineer came and made another check and said, “Just a couple of adjustments and it will be perfect.”

Marley said, “By the time Saturday comes around it will be ready.”

Saturday Lucas was at the track with his dad at the appointed time and a few moments later Marley and his mechanic showed up with a couple of cars one of which was to be his car.

It was beautiful and Marley handed him a new helmet.  It was painted the same as the car with the number 01 on it.  

They had the whole track to themselves and Lucas was anxious to get going but at the same time he was scared for he had never approached driving a car with this much potential for speed.

Marley told Lucas to get in the car and he would make a final check on both him and the car.
Lucas never dreamed of how much went into preparing the car for the driver.

Finally Marley was satisfied that all was well.

This was the same process he went through when he built and sold a car to a racing customer for it had to be a match, the car, and the driver.

Next for Lucas was the equipment check.

Marley said, “You must be completely aware of where everything is and what it does.  When you are driving in competition there is no time to think, only react.”

For the next hour they went over and over the function of everything on the car.

To Lucas's relief Marley said, “Let's see if this thing will run.”

When Lucas turned the switch on and the car started it was almost scary for you could feel all that power wanting to be released.  

After a few more instructions Marley said, “Well it’s time; are you ready?”

As Lucas began to roll onto the track he saw quite a few race fans had gathered early and were looking at him, and his new car.

He thought, “They are going to expect me to go flying around this track, but they are surely going to be disappointed.

There were people of all ages watching.  Some were young men and women his age. He thought, “I sure don’t want to have to face them after practice.”

To be Continued 

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