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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, August 16, 2013

THE RACER Chapter 27

Lawn Mower Racing
After the race with Ally they both stood on the winners stand and were applauded for several minutes.

This was a once in a life time event that couldn’t be duplicated.  Lucas was thinking that it was a whole lot of nothing, but he had to admit, it was entertainment.

It had been a full day and he was ready for some sack time.  He managed to slip out with one of the racing crews and make his way home.  It was too late to cook some food so he had a soft drink and was off to bed.  
As he dropped off to sleep he was thinking about the big breakfast he would have in the morning.  I will start with some grits and then have a couple of pan… zzzz

The next morning he had a quick shower to get some of the dirt from the track off of him and headed down to his favorite restaurant for breakfast.

After eating enough for two he headed down to Abel’s place for he wanted to spend some time with him and his family.  Abel’s step daughter was just beginning her teens and his little ones were in school now.

When he showed up at the shop Abel was very glad to see him and gave him a bear hug, and he said. “Well, how is the racer?”  I heard you had a race last night and won.

Lucas said, “News still gets around in a hurry when you don’t want it too doesn’t it.  It was just a fun thing for the fans.”

Abel said, “Some thought Ally did pretty good.”

“Yea, I saw to it that she stayed close and didn’t try to embarrass her.  Looks like you are busy, the shop is full, and guys are shopping for used parts next door.”

Able said, “Yes, Charlie has done a good job of running the used parts yard.  I gave him part ownership in it.  
“Come on out back and I will show you something.”  When they rounded the corner of the building Lucas saw the old mower they had made into a race car for him. 
“I thought you sent that to the smelter long ago.”

Able said, “No when Marley built the real race car for you I put this away just for the fun of it.”

Lucas looked at what had played a big part in his early life.  It was just as he remembered it.  He thought it is nice to have things around to remind you where you came from.

Mason heard he was at Abel’s shop and came over to see him and talk about the past and the fun they had back then.  Abel’s wife fixed a nice lunch for them and Lucas said he had better go and let everyone get back to what they needed to do.

After he left he was glad he had came to visit with them for they had played a big part in his early life.  They were almost as important to him as his father had been.  A feeling of nostalgia swept over him and he wondered how his life would have turned out if they had not been there for him.

Abel had invited him over for dinner the next night and Lucas said okay for he knew it might be a long time before he saw them again.

Marley had called him and said they were moving to another city. He had signed a large contract to build cycles for the government and the move was necessary.
The next night when Lucas arrived, Abel introduced him to his sister-in-law, Leslie, who was several years younger than his wife. Lucas had never met her for she was just visiting for a couple of days.

Lucas was impressed by her for he could carry on a conversation with her that made sense.  Most of the girls he had met seemed to be brainless for they rattled on about nothing.  

They made arrangements to go to Marley’s shop and see his operation, and filled the next couple of days with going around town but mostly just talking.  She said she had enjoyed his company but she had to return home for the college classes she was taking.

After she was gone he thought how nice it had been to have met her at the beginning of his vacation time.      
To be Continued

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