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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Being the product of a second marriage, my father was about 40 when I was born. I don’t have the exact date, but he was born around 1890 which was a little over 100 years after the independence of this country.

Though my father was more forward thinking than many of his generation, but still while growing up I was exposed to some of the turn of the century thinking, and it had an impact on my early years and still is embedded in my psyche.

While some of my ancestors on my mothers side were educators, my grandfather choose the rural way of living, in other words; dirt farming.

So I was influenced by the “doctrine of factual impact” which simply means if you don’t work you don’t eat.

Independence to the farmer meant you took care of yourself; it wasn’t the safest way to live but carried with it a sense of pride, something that is fading away with each generation.

Living on the dole was an embarrassment and a shame then, while today it is considered to be a preferred life style for many. To others it is the product of a broken system.

If the politicians and the educators from the sixties have proven anything it is that education and intelligence also brings with it a deficiency of common sense.

The social engineering that is going on today will only end up being a caste system whose high mark will be slavery for most.

I was reminded of an interview with a young boy who was about thirteen and the moderator asked him about his travels in Europe. It was obvious that he had been well educated and spoke with great fluency. When asked about seeing antiques he said that what we would consider antiques were no big deal over there, they were thought of in terms of antiquities.

All a sudden it came to me how old the countries were in Europe and how young America is. It was somewhere about 1783 that England finally signed off on the documents giving up their claims on the United States. This means we are a little over 200 years old depending on when you start counting.

Adolph Hitler’s third Reich was suppose to last 1000 years, it lasted from 1933-1945.

Alexander the great conquered the then known world and his reign lasted 13 years.

The thing we can learn from this is; no matter how strong a country is, it doesn’t take long to bring it down. The first step is to break down the morals; from there you can go in any direction, for all roads lead to destruction.

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