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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, September 27, 2010


If Jesus was ministering today in America how long would it be before he was put in jail?

How many laws would he be breaking while preaching to the masses of people? How would he react to the restrictions on giving forth the word of life?

Would he be bold in proclaiming himself being the SON of GOD? Would he be free to state there is only one GOD and that he himself was GOD?

In the book of John 2:1-11 Jesus turns water into wine. In today’s world he would be accused of being a bootlegger, and brought before the judge for not buying a liquor license and tax stamps, and be put in a federal prison.

Since most of His miracles revolved around healings, he would have been prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. There would have been litigants by the thousands claiming He said they were healed, and they were not.

There would have been class action suits claiming they had been deceived into not taking their medicine, and had suffered damage to their health.

I can see the television ads saying if Jesus said you were healed, call our office and join in this class action suit now.

How about the raising of Lazarus from the dead? They could have tried him for fraud and deception, or for grave robbing.

Healing a demoniac boy; this could have been either witchcraft or intruding into the field of psychiatry. The I.R.S would have been after him for not filing a tax return, and not having a non profit license.

In John 21:4-11 here the penalty would have been commercial fishing without a license and exceeding the limit of fish.

These are but a few of the restrictions he would be in violation of.

The ministry today has many restrictions placed upon it today; much of it is for the protection of the members of the body of Christ. There are thieves and robbers within the church, that are lying in wait to take advantage of the faithful in CHRIST.

I now come to a subject with mixed emotions; the present day interpretation of the constitution of the U.S. Restricts us from placing the word of GOD on any state, local or federal property. Some years back I concluded that this prohibition as well as the teaching the Bible in the school system was ultimately the right thing to do.

The last I would want is to have my child taught all of the religions in the U.S. Including atheism, witchcraft, the Koran, and a thousand other false doctrines.

Years ago you wouldn’t have thought all the religions in the U.S. Would be considered the equal of Christianity and have equal rights under the constitution but the concerted effort to eliminate the Christian witness from this country has brought us to this condition today. This seems to be the situation today and nothing short of a true revival in this land today can stem the tide of unrighteousness that flourishes in this land.

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