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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, October 17, 2015



I’m betting that there is an ALMIGHTY GOD who identified HIMSELF as the great I AM (THE ETERNAL EXISTENCE ONE).

He is a God whose intellect is all encompassing, and has unlimited creative power that can be activated with his voice.  One who exercises his power over the whole universe.

Perhaps some would ask; what evidence do you have to back up your belief system. My response would be simplistic for I would say it is a faith based system.  A Faith that is anchored in the Biblical scriptures.

Further evidence has been obtained by experience while working out my salvation. Understanding that faith is of a spiritual nature and not a mental exercise the discovery of one’s spirit allows one to contact and communicate with this Almighty GOD.

One of the first manifestations of having made contact with GOD is the new birth experience.  God the HOLY SPIRIT comes to indwell the believer’s human spirit and becomes a life changing witness that you have become a child of GOD by regeneration.
This experience is undeniable though some have not placed the proper value upon it and have strayed.  Or as the Apostle Paul has put it; there are those who love this present world more than the riches of Christ.

The second viable experience is known by the term; the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT. The initial experience is when the HOLY SPIRIT comes to an individual and virtually inundates the whole being of the person with himself and enables them for spiritual service.  Both of these experiences are of an objective nature and are undeniable realities. 

While I can’t address everyone who denies the existence of GOD, I can speak to the time before I became a regenerated child of HIS.

I stood where those who are classified as the unsaved. I knew the uncertainty of having no hope after death. It wasn’t that I feared the unknown but the uncertainty of it caused me to be at ill at ease.

I had been taught that the universe was acting and reacting upon itself as the stars and planets flew thru the space with the greatest of ease until they smashed into each other.

Of course the language was a bit more sophisticated and convincing than that. To think I believed what they were teaching me to some degree blows me away.

Those who find themselves in somewhat of the same situation ultimately are betting on something different from what I am. They are betting that there isn’t anything after death. No existence, no judgment, no nothing.

They have to believe the universe has always existed and a freak of nature somehow brought about what we now see as our world.

It takes a strong faith to believe that theory or some other version of it.

I’m betting on the ALMIGHTY GOD, the creator, the God who planed all this and sent His own Son to save us all from our sins.



  1. Thank you Robert for sharing your words of wisdom with us here at Tell me a Story.

  2. When I'm in heaven I sure want to see the universes and when and how and where the Lord has put things together strongly. I've just asked the Lord about this when I was driving around today as He had told me to worship and pray and deal with the demonic issues in our area. I trust Him for the consequences. Sorry if I'm yammering too long, but this grabbed me.


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