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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Are the Best Things in Life really FREE?

The reason some might question that statement is - - that in every case somebody pays. Some might receive it and it would appear to be free but someone has to pay.

For example a million dollars worth of Viagra was given to the poor who couldn’t afford it, because a man named Ace Greenberg paid for it. He is the chairman of Bear Stearns and company. This started a rumor that the poor had to create new signs; “Will work for food and Viagra.”

What about free education? Not much need to comment on that, even home schooling comes at a cost.

Sunshine, in order to see it you must pay for the clean air, other wise you end with photochemical smog and that will help you die sooner.

Water, lets see I just got my water bill.

Just about everything comes with a price, and if you don’t pay someone else will have to.

The moon is being sold. There are still some lots for sale should you want one.

The tale of Robin Hood is interesting; the Sheriff of Nottingham goes out to the merchants and takes much of their money, whereupon Robin Hood takes it away from the Sheriff and gives it to the poor. Robin Hood’s plan was to take the merchants money and give it to the poor, and they would then buy goods from the merchants. That way the merchants would get their money back, until the sheriff returns to get it again.

Whether food stamps, low cost housing, welfare, or stimulus for the bankers, bailout or down payments, cash for clunkers programs, etc, someone must pay.

Some might say without thinking it through, that salvation is free…..someone had to pay.

In reality nothing is free, there is a price attached to everything.

Most if not all things are paid for from the income pie of the working man. Guess who decides how the pie is sliced up? A big slice goes to those who rule over us who in turn slice it into hundreds of smaller pieces. Another slice goes to the local tax collectors who in turn slice it up into many tiny slices. Another generous slice goes to those who supply needed services, and who it turn slice that slice into many more pieces. There are others who take the crumbs that fall through the cracks and last of all, what is left belongs to the person who labored and earned the pie in the first place. Unless …… one of the aforementioned, decides they want more of the pie that is left and in that case the laborer must do more with less.

And to be sure, the best things in life are free, to some, but someone will pay. And what happens when we can pay no more?

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