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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, July 30, 2010


Secondhand smoke doesn't just impact a person in the future. It can cause problems right now, like affecting someone's sports performance or ability to be physically active.

The above explanation of the effects of second hand smoke should cause people to think about their health, and the health of others.

Up to my teen years I smoked a lot of second hand smoke, for most of my family smoked and used all the usual forms of tobacco.

The church I attended looked down upon any form of tobacco and that included using snuff and chewing tobacco. While I did smoke a little B.C (before church) but I quit, and as far as chewing tobacco, that nasty stuff had never been a problem for me.

Our president has championed both cigarettes and beer which fits right in with the Washington crowd. As an alcohol and drug user in college, he has a well rounded experiential knowledge of that life style. He is slow to condemn it partially because as with all politicians, that is part of his voter base.

Now if he and his fellow democrats wish to smoke, so be it. What I object to is what he is smoking and the second hand effect it has on me.

He is blowing his smoke over the land by: His deficit spending, his health plan, his involvement in saving the union jobs at GM, his refusal to close our borders to law breakers, his demeaning of Christianity, his tax increases, his obsession to drive more companies and jobs overseas, the misnomer of cap and trade, the establishment of providing housing for all people (This is in the works,) and on and on.

It’s the smoking gun in his hand that causes people to fear, for he has shot down the will of the people in many areas already and is working on the rest.

The second hand smoke from what these tyrants in Washington are smoking to satisfy their addiction, is taking my breath.


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