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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be Careful How You Choose Your Sin

Using my 98 cent theology training I often form an opinion about certain teachings from the scripture. The exegesis of one such scripture that is wrongly expressed is,  Romans 14:7 For not one of us lives for himself and not one of us dies for himself.

Verse 8 explains what is meant in verse 7 and any other interpretation would be in error. Simply stated; “We live for the Lord and not ourselves”. Having said that I reckon I might have missed that myself a wee bit.

Some have drawn from this passage that we should live for others, but the scripture doesn’t support this.
There are additional scriptures that do teach self sacrifice for the benefit of others, but the focus here is on our relationship responsibility to GOD.

The implication of living for the Lord comes down pretty heavy on us. We may think I gotta be me, and that is a problem, living for the Lord carries with it, living like the Lord.

The Ten Commandments were unforgiving to the point of condemnation for violating any one of them. GOD in His wisdom saw that this was not going to work. Sins imprint was implanted too deep in man and he was doomed under the law for man couldn’t keep it by himself. The next phase in redeeming man was where GOD would do it for him. Thus Jesus died for us, so that we could live for him.

We, the born again ones, stand in forgiveness rather than having to work or seek it. The question arises, “What happens if I sin now?”

Again the simplistic answer is the loss of fellowship with GOD. Its like you come in at dinner time and there is no plate on the table for you and your chair is missing. You can’t feast on the Father’s abundance, and this will be your state until you come to the Father and confess, “I have messed up.” Along with the confession there must be a repentant heart.

What about this living for others? How far does this go? It is broad in its application; all men whether saved or not are bound by it. Violation of this principle diminishes us all.

Will all men sin? The answer is yes and every sin will extract a price that must be paid. Every sin is a defiance of GOD’S desires; his will is no secret, it is known both inwardly and outwardly. The selling of sin for profit and pleasure makes it harder to avoid, and can cause one to live for one’s self, but doesn't excuse you in GOD’S sight.

Now to the price for sin; how much are you willing to pay? We often judge sin on a scale of 1 to 10. However there are all forms and variations of sin such as: greed, stealing (all types), murder, broken marriage vows, illicit sexual acts and so on. There is a greater or lesser effect from acts of sin, some of which will continue to affect generations to come.

Know this; all sin is a sin against yourself, and against GOD which he doesn't take kindly to. All sin has a price to pay, be careful how you choose your sin for all sin is a 10 in GOD’S sight, and every sin has a price that must be paid by someone. That someone may be you.

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