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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Can this country fall as did the Mongol Empire and the Roman Empire?

The answer; it will when the people will it to be so.

There are those whose sole purpose is to destroy this land, and there are others who through drugs and alcohol only care about their next fix.

Many are ruled by greed and demand the government give them everything they want.

There are some (scammers, CEOS) who through deceit use trusting people for their own self-indulgence.

There are others (lobbyists) who have their own agenda.

Will this country implode? That remains to be seen, but to think it can’t happen is merely a pipe dream.

We define our leaders as politicians. The fact is they have become manipulators of the general public. In Washington the will of the people is viewed as nothing more than a joke.

The Troika of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are ruling in Washington today and can’t be stopped or swayed from remaking this country in their image.

Every move they have made has been designed to punish the American tax payer. Soon we will have an election, if Boxer, Reid, and Pelosi take a page from Al Franken’s (who was elected by 2800 dead people) election strategy they will be a Shoo-in. The tell’em what they want to hear and then do what you want, is their modus operandi.  

No liars anonymous for them.

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