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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As the family holdings in Maury County diminished, people with other names moved in, and had a family distinction of their own. When you thought of them, this image would pop up without focusing on them.

The Gilliam’s were a stand offish kind. Jack Davidson’s bunch put on airs without a reason for it. The Worley’s were a hustling group and always busy. The Derberrys were laid back and always up for whatever.

Quite a few were braggarts, and liars but they always had an interesting story to tell anyway

One family I’ll mention were the Dicksons, there were two brothers who both bought nice farms and were the most frugal of all. Their women didn’t just can food; it was like they were planning an attack on the enemy. They went at it, full speed ahead. One brother was named Linnice, and his brother was named Liebert. Linnice was laid back and you had to carry the conversation, otherwise you would be standing there in silence. They were nice people and I knew them well.

Liebert was a little more outgoing he liked to brag about everything that pertained to him and his. Once I met him near his house and struck up a conversation and he said; “I only spent a quarter this year.” I thought he must be lying; I spend that much every month. But later I found out he was telling the truth.

Besides canning enough food to last them a year they bartered or traded eggs, corn or whatever else they had for what they needed. It was still hard to believe anyone could be that frugal.

The rumor was that Liebert carried a lot of money with him, I guess it was common knowledge, at least the rumor was. Some guys robbed and beat him severely to the point he never fully recovered from it.

We all pretty well knew who had done it, but we had no way to prove it. These fellows had been stealing chickens and such. We never did find out if they got any money, and Liebert’s family wouldn’t talk about it for some reason.

People have an image of you when they think of you and it is good if they see at least a small reflection of Jesus as part of that image.
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