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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, July 23, 2010


During my school days I noticed that classmates were maturing at different rates and it didn’t make much sense at the time. At the beginning we were pretty much the same, but as we moved past the twelfth year the teens brought with it these differences. Some of the boys began to have some black hair on their upper lip. And they began to notice the girls (that we had grown up with) and remark about different ones. While I was the same age as most of them, (maybe a little younger) I thought they just a wee bit over reacting. They would say things like did you notice the - - - On so and so? They also made many other obvious, but inappropriate remarks.

About this time everybody begins to experience visions of what the perfect man/woman must look and be like. That perfect one is created in our mind and all of our classmates are judged by that vision.

Since I will just speak for myself, in our class there were some girls that rated less than 50%, and others were higher up on the scale but none reached 100% of the vision - - - Except, Irene Camera. Irene was an early bloomer that stopped blooming at the right time. She knew when enough of a good thing was enough. A perfect face, beautiful teeth, lovely dark hair, and the rest of her was also perfect. As I judge it she had every right to be stuck up and snobbish but such was not the case. She had a delightful personality and good nature. I didn’t get offended too easily but if I had known what rating I got or how the gals rated me I probably would have been ticked off and got me a complex.

Because I left school, and didn’t graduate with my classmates I never knew what happened to them except when I would meet them by chance.

Some 25 years passed and I was in business for myself, and while purchasing some material from a supplier I saw this woman that looked familiar. I asked her if she remembered me, and I reminded her of my name, and to my surprise she did. Her husband had passed away and now she was working at the supply house. Since you probably would like to know what she looked like now, well that perfect visionary girl - - - was as pretty as ever, the maturing process had not affected beauty at all. (Only added were a couple of pounds).

From time to time when picking up supplies we would chat about our time in school and our families. She was asked by one of the supply house owners to marry him and she accepted. He had an injury and was confined to a wheel chair but that didn’t sway her at all. The last time I talked to her she was well, although her husband was having some additional problems. The most outstanding thing about her was she didn’t let her beauty keep her from being a loving and caring person.

Hail, hail to the school days

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