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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, July 11, 2010


One day my car had a flat tire, I thought; “What to do?” I remembered a guy on T.V. who advertised that he could fix a flat tire. I took my tire to him and he placed a patch on the tube, put it in the tire and sent me on my way.

About two blocks down the road, it went flat again. Back I went and he put another patch on it again sending me on my way. The same thing happened, and back I went, and he put another patch on it. This kept happening until there were patches on top of patches, and still the tire was flat.

Then he told me he had found the trouble, there was a nail in the tire. All he had to do was pull it out and everything would be fine except he would have to sell me a new inner tube. I explained to him I had spent all my money on patches, and couldn’t pay for a new tube.

Whereupon he told me he was retiring I would have to deal with the new owner. Since I couldn’t drive the car I left it parked on the street, and soon it was towed away. I haven’t seen it since. Seems I trusted the wrong guy with my tire.

Because of a nail the tube was lost. Because of the tube the car was lost.

Because of listening to some guy telling me he had all the answers I have ended up broke and walking.

       *         *        *        *       *  

There was the case where this man was injured, and was taken to the hospital. The specialist said; the man is hemorrhaging and needs some blood. So they kept giving him more blood as it continued flowing out of him. One of the team workers suggested, perhaps we should stop the bleeding but the doctor said no, what we need to do is just keep giving him more blood this will keep him alive until he gets well on his own.

They kept giving him more and more blood until one day they told the doctor; “There is no more blood.” The doctor explained in detail it was not his fault the man died, and besides he had more important things to do.

Somebody asked what was the man’s name? Finally one of the staff replied, I heard someone call him Sam, in fact he must have been a relative for he called him “UNCLE SAM.”

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