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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Greek word, atheos means “without gods.” Atheists say they do not believe in GOD. Some are passive in their beliefs while others are militant and fight anyone who professes to have an active faith in the living GOD.

The ACLU Is one of the strongest supporters of atheism and they use every legal devise to remove the mention of GOD from every building the public can see.

Of course there are so called agnostics who try to avoid the stigma of being an atheist by saying, “I’m not sure” whether there is a GOD or not. These people are atheists in disguise. It would be helpful if they realized their lost condition. Faith in GOD requires a strong belief in HIM without any reservations. I don’t believe, or I’m not sure just doesn’t cut it with GOD.

If I was an atheist I would thank the GOD (that I don’t believe in), for allowing me to reject HIM and permitting me to be a fool as stated in the bible. Imagine the torment of being an atheist and not being able to express it. God is so gracious as to let them vehemently insult HIM without giving them the fly swatter treatment.

Atheism is an acquired mind set, something they bought into. Satan presented this option and they fell for it, and it’s too complicated to admit they got took in. The task before the atheist is difficult because it is not easy to fight against a non entity. No matter how they try to expunge a GOD who only exists as an idea is a waste of time, and doesn’t make sense, because if he doesn’t exist why bother. The very fact they speak of HIM as GOD or deity gives at least some credence to his existence.

Now we have arrived at their real dilemma which is; he can reject GOD’S salvation, deny his existence, fight against those who do believe, and GOD is willing to let him do that, Carte Blanc rejection.

But there is another issue he must face and that is he cannot reject Satan for he is in the same boat as Satan. He can do his whole act over and over but he can’t by rejection absolve him self from Satan’s hold on him. Because of his union with Satan (Much like the Christians union with Christ) he will suffer the same fate with him. Hoping the grave will free him from this condition is futile.

The only release is that which he rejects. So unless he changes his mind and accepts GOD’S gift it is bye, bye, baby.

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