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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I had so many cousins that I didn’t know them all. At times I would meet someone with the same family name, and I would ask my uncles; are they kin to us? Usually they would say yes, and explain how they were related.

Since my dad traveled around a lot, I wasn’t close to my kin as I would have been if I lived near them all the time. My great aunt’s family had several kids, and I knew some of them pretty good. I knew two of the boys (my second cousins) very well; they and my uncles sometime hung out together.

One was named Grady Parish; he was an easy going, friendly guy, and I liked him very much. Without giving you much history, let me tell you about one event. This event happen on this wise, he started messing around with a married woman, and the husband knew about it. He didn’t want to face up to Grady about it, because he would have gotten whipped as well as having his wife being disloyal.

As it so happened this man’s family ran the draft board and even though Grady had a deferment they sent him a draft notice to report to boot camp. As soon as boot camp was over Grady was shipped out to Europe, and he wasn’t there long when he stepped on a land mine and was killed.

Grady had G.I. Insurance for $10,000.00 which was a lot of money in those days. Farm hands only got a few dollars a day at this time. The money went to Grady’s mother, but the baby, of the family pretty well controlled it. His name was Paul and he was 17 years old at the time. The first thing he bought was a 1936 Ford Roaster. I couldn’t even buy the air in one of the tires. He bought anything he wanted and began to make new friends.

One of these new friends was a tall, strong dude that you didn’t want to mess with. His wife, Becky was a pretty young thing that could really dance well (or as everyone said; knock a step). Paul got close to them and they became best friends. In fact Paul got a little too close to Becky. The husband came home unexpectedly and found them in a compromised position.

As the husband went for Paul he leaped out the window leaving his clothes behind. From that point on the husband looked for Paul with the intent to kill him, and he would have if he found him. Paul hid for a few days, and decided to enlist in the army. He went straight to boot camp and was shipped to a place called Korea. A short time later we were notified that Paul was killed in action.

You might ask what did you learn from these boys and the answer would be; “Don’t mess with another man’s woman if you don’t want trouble."  If these boys had followed this rule their lives would not have been shorten.  To be sure your sin will find you out!!

The last time I heard the two couples stayed together and got by this mistake.

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