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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Some times in order to understand something you have to go back to the beginning. I saw a car that had been changed so much as to make it unrecognizable, and I wondered what it looked like originally.

To understand man and life, often they have been changed like the car so much that it is little more than a confused state.

 People want to find their roots, if adopted they want to meet dad or mom so they can understand why they are like they are.

It makes you wonder why people withdraw either into a cave or a monastery and try to separate themselves from what the world has become. At times they do this mentally and become “spaced out”. Some use aids like drugs or bondage to reach the desired state.

It makes sense to me to go back to where this all started and trace the cause and effect of all this seeming calamitous concoction. The primary cast of this situation is GOD, man, and Satan. The circumstances are, GOD has created the universe (sun, moon, planets, man and a force that went bad), and has set up the acceptable rules of conduct. GOD deals with dos and don’ts.

The rules for the Garden of Eden were simple; everything was a DO except one DON’T. The serpent made the mistake of allowing the spiritual force called the devil to use him to deceive the man and woman. When man “did the don’t,” it let the genie out of the bottle, and like humpty dumpty he isn’t together again.
GOD’S answer to this is like humpty “it can’t be fixed” so he has started over again, hence the new birth which is the first step to solving the problem. There are many following steps, but all in their order.

Satan’s original plan was to be the GOD and GOD had to regulate him to the lower position he now occupies. He has no power without the cooperation of something like the serpent or a human being, and if I’m not mistaken he has plenty of help, most of which are volunteers.

GOD hasn’t changed his format of dos and don’ts, the do’s are acceptable to him and the don’ts are not. The do’s please HIM and the don’ts do not. It’s all about HIS pleasure. And when HE is not pleased, all is about to hit the fan.

GOD was kind enough to inform us what the simple do’s and don’ts are. It’s all written in the manual of life and to deviate from those instructions brings consequences. A pattern was set when Eve sinned and that was to make an excuse for doing it, but the excuse was not acceptable then, and neither is it acceptable today.

GOD’S method of dealing with sin is REPENTANCE and CONFESSION, Repentance is the act of contrition and commitment to avoid it in the future, confession is the acknowledgment that you are guilty of the offence and that you know and understand what it was.

In Tennessee and Kentucky there is a strip of land called, “The land in between the lakes.” This is a man made creation by building a dam and backing up the water for recreation. I will now use this to make an analogy where man has tried to create a land between the do’s and the don’ts for recreation purposes. A place where he can do what ever he desires and it works like a sanctuary where he can’t be touched, as long as he stays within those boundaries.

The good news and bad news of this is, there is no good news, it is all bad news for there is no such, land of in between, there are only do’s and don’ts.!v=v-GN-BP_Qlk&feature=related

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