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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, July 9, 2010


Movies have a rating system whereby they are judged by a panel of 13 parents.

Ratings are not determined by movie studios or producers.

A board of parents who work for the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration will rate movies according to their content. All board members must have parental experience to better enable them to empathize with typical American parents. Ratings are decided by a majority vote of the 10 to 13 board members.

The movie makers pay from 2 thousand to 15 thousand for the ratings, and some movie makers elect not to have their movie rated. They will have “UR“ or some other markings on them. There are several reasons for not rating a movie it could low budget, and they can’t afford the additional fees, or it could be so raunchy it would get an xxx rating. Whether G or NC17 it is still a guessing game for parents. The panel does not rate whether it is a gay or lesbian oriented film.

Net-flix does identify movies that are gay by genre.

The basic ratings are G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17. Also a triple X for pornographic films. This system is far from perfect, but it does give you some idea what to expect.

I was wondering if we used the same rating system for people, what rating would you get? What would be required get a G rating? The movie panel was required to take in consideration our society as a whole, and what is acceptable conduct by today’s standards. Could you tell lies, not pay your bills and still get a G rating? Maybe not!

Where would a little adultery put you, PG 13, maybe? Just supposed you were a professing Christian and got a NC-17 rating what would you have done to deserve that? Well anyway we know that these rating systems are not infallible, and maybe they were too hard on you. Perhaps you could arguably deserve an R instead.

Now can you guess where I’m heading with this? That’s right, you guessed it. There is a rating system that is infallible, and rightfully rates you as you deserve. There is no appeal for it never makes a mistake. If you feel your rating is low there is recourse for you. When a movie is submitted for a rating, and the rating is not what is needed for the target audience, the movie maker can re-cut the movie, (take out offensive scenes,) and resubmit it in order to get the rating needed.

GOD has criterion for rating Christians, and while He doesn’t tattoo your rating on your forehead, the HOLY SPIRIT will tell you in no uncertain terms whether you need to re-cut your life style and make some changes.

Sooooooo, what would I give myself, A G, PG or - - -?

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