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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 5, 2010


It’s with fear and trembling that I sit at my key board writing about the latest government cover up.  I’m not sure why the Feds do not want America to have this information that I discovered by accident. It seems my email address was put in someone’s address book by mistake, and that is how the cover up information came to me. This news could have affected the stock market; in fact it could have caused a crash.

As I understand it from the information I received; there were two government agents looking for moon shiners in the great Smokey Mountains when they came across two mountain men (that is another name for hill billies.) The Feds were able to sneak up on them, for the mountain men had enjoyed too much of their own mountain dew. It was just for personal and medical use, and they were not too cognizant of what was going around them.

They awoke to find themselves, hand cuffed, and being interrogated. The Feds had trouble understanding what the men were saying because they had never heard the dialect they were speaking. After much painstaking effort they were able to piece together the story of who they were.

As the story goes these two men feared for their life, and had avoided all contact with the outer world altogether. The mother had died a short time ago from tooth poisoning; thereby making the father and son the last of THE REDNECKS in existence.

Some none initiated people might say; there are rednecks everywhere but that just shows how little they know. What is commonly known as rednecks today are breeds. They have commingled with people from the north and west and because of the mixed blood they have become blended. What you now have is “White trash rednecks.”

These mountain men were full bloodied reds. They were covertly taken out of the hills by the Feds and exposed to the city life. Years ago the father had seen a T model car, but was frightened when he first rode in the Feds automobile. He couldn’t understand why everyone was in such a hurry when everything looked the same to him.

Outside of traveling from the mountains to the university they were kept pretty much isolated from people. The scientists wanted to observe them before they were polluted by the modern world. As time passed the son got ill from the city food and the in spite of the doctors best efforts he died.
This was a grief to the father and he never got over it, even though they were people around him he felt alone for no one else spoke “Hill billie.”

As he became more depressed he decided to end it all. He drank poison, actually it was coke cola but not being used to it, his system wasn’t able to handle it and he also passed on.

They took them back to the mountains from whence they came and buried them next to the mother. Then they put up a sign that read, “THE LAST OF THE REDNECKS;” for they were an endangered species that was no more.


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