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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Asian Girl
With the arrival of his daughters the Ambassador’s work load increased for they always wanted to spend time with Cheri.

He said to Cheri, “Don’t let them occupy too much of your time while on the job for you have work to do.”

Cheri said, “I will try to explain that to them or maybe you should talk to them.  It would have more authority if it came from you.”

He called them in and laid down the law to them and they agreed to do as he said, but really paid no attention to him.  They pretty well controlled “old dad” and did as they pleased.

Finally Cheri had to tell them they were interfering with some of her work and they would have to cool it except for evenings or on the weekends.

They agreed to back off some because they didn’t want to lose their friendship with Cheri.  One of the reasons besides that was when they went out with Cheri, there were a lot more men that would come over and hang out.

Then one day the Ambassador was notified that he was being transferred back to D.C. and would take up a new position there.  This created a lot of upset with the staff.  The main reason was, because a new person would need to learn his method of running things and it would take some adjusting to.

Cheri never said anything about the change except wanting to know how she could aid the Ambassador in the transition.

After trying to get things in order he called Cheri into his office.  He explained how much he depended upon her, and said he wanted her to go to America and work for him there.

This took Cheri by total surprise for she never thought about leaving Hong Kong ever.
She figured she would continue at the Embassy or there was plenty of other opportunities to work elsewhere for as much or more money.  She said she wanted to think about and would let him know tomorrow.

After much thought she decided she wanted to put all of the past behind her and start over in a new land.  

Ambassador Anderson was happy about her decision.  He told her he had already started getting things ready for her moving to America.

There was so much paper work with immigration and making application for citizenship for her to name a few.  Finally with everything in order the day for departure was at hand.  The daughters had left already and were opening their house in D.C. that had been closed.

The new ambassador from America had arrived so a party was planned to introduce these new arrivals to the diplomatic community, and to say goodbye to the friends the Andersons had made during the last few years.

There followed a reception line where introductions were made and goodbyes were said. Cheri was invited to join with them for she was acquainted with most of them and was leaving also.  Then a tense moment occurred when Lord Malborne and family came through the line.  

Neither Lord Malborne nor Brian recognized Cheri for she looked much more sophisticated than when she worked for them.  Martha shook hands with her and moved on quickly saying little.  When Brian came to her he shook hands, and held on to her hand and tried to attract her attention instead of moving on.  

Cheri pulled her hand away from him, all the while just looking past him as if he wasn’t there.  He got the message she wasn’t interested in him and this didn’t set too well with him.  His wife was warm and cordial but Cheri thought she must have noticed Brian’s action, but went on as if nothing had happened.

Later Minnie found Cheri and had a cordial conversation with her.  Cheri noticed that she was pregnant and asked if she had any other children to which she answered that she had a wonderful little boy which she adored and was looking forward to her new arrival.

After the Ball that night Cheri felt glad that her child, Reggie was loved very much by Minnie, and he couldn’t have done any better than the way things turned out.   
To be Continued

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