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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, September 6, 2013


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Cheri was pleased at being wanted by more than one ambassador.  She wanted to know what kind of contract he had in mind.  He said one where I get to keep you on staff as long as I’m in service.  

She said she wouldn’t sign a contract, but would stay in his employ as long as he wanted her, but a raise would be nice.

He said from now on you will get double the salary you have been getting.

As the days went by Cheri was glad she had been taught about men and their ways of trying to get you in a compromising position.  She learned how to be pleasant with them and when and how to stop them from going any further.

One thing was evident in most of the want-a-be Romeo’s cases and that was they were already married.  She soon was able to spot them even though they had removed their wedding ring.

Then there were the one night stand boys who were usually the underlings. They would come on strong and tried to act cool but to no avail.  She managed to see her child Reggie at a distance from time to time when Martha and Lo Mei would take him shopping.

Lo Mei would call Cheri and let her know where they might be, but to make sure she stayed out of sight.  Then she called and said that Minnie and Brian had applied to adopt Reggie.  
Brian's wife, Minnie was totally taken by him and Martha didn’t do anything to hinder them but actually encouraged them.  Minnie saw some pictures of Brian when he was Reggie’s age and said that Reggie looked almost identical to Brian to which he didn’t respond.

Brian didn’t make over Reggie that much as Minnie and said he wanted some kids of his own instead of someone else’s.  Minnie just ignored him when he got into that mood.  When Cheri heard that Brian had adopted his son she said, “That is the end of it and I won’t be seeing him again for the pain will be too much to bear.”

After the adoption of Reggie, she felt there was no reason why she couldn’t go out and enjoy herself for that tie was broken.
On occasion Cheri would go out to dinner with some of the single men she met, but not before she found out everything about them.

There were a couple of men she liked and she went out with them every so often.  
While she didn’t care enough for either one of them to even consider marrying them she did have fun and enjoyed their company.  

As time went by she took over more of the ambassadors tasks for him so much so, he came to depend on her totally.

She attended most of the meetings he had and at times she entertained the foreign diplomat’s wives.  Cheri had taken some language classes and was able to communicate in French, Russian, and Spanish.  As she mastered each language she took up another one.  The Embassy had access to language instructors which they paid for and Cheri took advantage of that perk.  

The Ambassador had two daughters that were finishing college in America. They were soon to return to Hong Kong and Cheri was looking forward to meeting them.  She thought if they were anything like their mother she would like them right away.

When they arrived the first thing they wanted to do was meet this ravishing beauty they had heard about from their mother’s letters and people who had returned from Hong Kong.

They were surprised to find that she was not only as had been represented but was someone you enjoyed being with.  She had a way about her that made you feel special and you could be open with and talk to.

Although the girls and Cheri were the same age Cheri was so much more mature than they.

To be Continued  


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