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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More War

Time for another Rant - - my continued story will follow soon.

Stay out of Syria

As we get ready to start war with Syria we must endure the parade of liars whose job it is to numb the brain of thinking people so they will crawl back into their den of safety and allow the liars to do as they wish.

The idea is to set the stage for a full scale war, and once that is done they will of course have to escalate it.  At present there are thousands of troops off shore ready to invade Syria. 

The plan is a simple one.  First we lob a few missiles into Syria.  They respond.  We escalate because we have been attacked and that gives us a mandate for full scale war and the allies will now come and join us.

We defeat Assad's regime and the flesh eating heathen are given authority over the land.  Having done that we borrow a hundred billion dollars to rebuild Syria and they keep all the weapons Assad had.

Now comes the question; how many American men and women are Senator Boxer and Feinstein willing to see killed in order to accomplish this.  (These two and others are ready to rubber stamp anything Democrat.)

Let’s not forget Pelosi who will vote for Americans getting killed to save Muslim lives. (She votes to pass laws and her rule is to find out later what she has done.)

It is becoming clear what the Obama creed is; kill American troops, raise taxes, borrow more money, destroy the constitution, and blame the result on someone else


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