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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hong Kong by Day
After giving it a great deal of thought, Lord Malborne decided what he should do.  
He phoned the American Embassy and made a luncheon date with the head Embassy Ambassador.  This was a little unusual for the American had a small representation in Hong Kong with just a small staff.

The ambassador was pleased to be summoned for a meeting for normally it wouldn’t have happened.  

Lord Malborne exchanged some niceties, and then got to the point.  He wanted the ambassador to hire Cheri and to pay her a good salary and in turn he promised to return the favor in the future.  The American jumped at the chance to have some interaction with the ruling British counsel.  He said send her over and I will personally hire her.

After the lunch they agreed to be more open with each other in the future. Lord Malborne called Martha and went over the meeting and the promise of a job for Cheri.  “Now it’s up to you,” he said.

The next morning Lady Martha called Cheri into her study and Cheri thought she was going to take some dictation.  
Martha told her she wouldn’t need her pad, but to just relax, sit down and listen to what she had to say.

She told her that Brian and his wife would be moving into the west wing of the house, and it wouldn’t be wise for her to be there after they moved in.

She said, “I think you can figure out what might happen if you were here and the possibility of Brian being attracted to you again.”

She said that Cheri could do one of two things.  “One, you could take Reggie and return to your folk’s Sampan, or you could leave him with us and go to work at the American Embassy at a good salary.  

If you leave him here, you know he will have everything he ever would need and have a good education and would get a great position in the government.  

But if he goes with you, he will just be running on the streets with little education and no prospects for a good job.´ 

Martha continued, “I’m hoping his father will take a liking to him and want to be a father to him.  Part of the deal will be you never tell him Reggie is his child for that can only cause trouble in his marriage.”

Martha said. “I want you to return to your father’s Sampan and spend the night, and then tell me what you want to do.

Cheri did as she was told and quickly decided she couldn’t bring Reggie up on the water front.

She told Martha her decision and asked her what she was to do.  Martha said it is essential to find you a nice place to live and then take you to where you will be working.

After getting Cheri settled in her new home Martha said, “We must go shopping for some nice clothes for working in the Embassy.”  She paid for her new wardrobe and told Cheri how she should dress for every occasion.

The last thing Martha had Cheri do, was to sign away her rights as the mother of Reggie.  

Martha explained to Reggie that he wouldn’t be seeing Cheri anymore, but there would be a new friend coming in a few days.  She then gave him some new toys that took his mind off of Cheri.

A few days later Brian and hid wife arrived and they were soon settling in the west wing of the house and began to get unpacked.  With more of their goods arriving daily it took a week to get situated.

One of the first things that happened was Minnie; Brain’s wife saw the child, Reggie and immediately took to him.

Martha told her that he was an orphan and she had agreed to keep him until he was adopted by some family.  As the days went by Minnie spent most of her time with Reggie.
When Martha was sure she was somewhat enamored with him she told Minnie that a family was interested in adopting Reggie. 

To be Continued


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