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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Chopping Wood for the Doc
The smell of rags burning filled air. The high pressure kept the smoke down near the earth and was almost choking as you tried to breathe.

The men retreated back into the front room of the two room shack getting out of the intermittent rain.  

The doctor had gone back in after Natalie had finished cleaning Lucy up. She stayed with Lucy holding her hand which gave her a lot of comfort.

When the doctor came out he said she is tore up some from the difficult delivery but I think she will be alright.  I will stay a couple more hours but then I have to go for I have some more sick people I have to get back to.

He said, “If you two boys will help me get across the river then you can keep the boat to take Lucy to her home place tomorrow.  She will be better off with her mother till she gets well.” 

The boys said, “Whenever you are ready we’ll help you get back to the other side.”

After they got back from helping the doctor they brought back some pills he forgot to leave with Lacy and gave her two more.  He said they will help her relax for rest is what she needs most now.  Sure enough she slept through the night and was looking better after the sun came out.

Marshall and Risen dug a small grave and they had a funeral for the baby. Marshall said a few words; “Lord, we thank you for this child who was with us for such a short time.  We shall surly see him again in your Kingdom and will get to know him better, amen.”  
Using the soft dirt, they covered the small wooden box and drove a stake into the ground to mark the grave where he lay.

The river had gone down to almost normal, so. Marshall said, “Risen you wade or swim across and go get a team and wagon while me and Natalie go and get Lucy and bring her to the other side.

Everything was done as Marshall had said and after a difficult time for Lucy she was finally in a warm bed with her mother taking care of her.  Her mother had lost a child before and was determined not to lose Lucy.

Risen went and got the doctor a couple of days later and he examined Lacy. He said, “Now all she needs is a lot of rest and gradually get her strength back and get on her feet a little each day.
Risen looked at the doctor and what he saw was a man who was worn out and needing some rest himself.

Risen said, “Thanks doc for there isn’t anything I can do here now, so I’m going to go home with you and help you get caught up with some of your chores.”

The doc started to object but was too tired to do so.  Risen retrieved the team and wagon and drove him home.  He told the doctor to go to bed and I will cut some wood and do a few other things for you.

Risen could see that the doc hadn’t had time to do much around his place for some while except treat sick people.  Risen cut enough wood for several days and brought it into the house for him.  He then carried some water for doc to wash up when he woke from his nap.  

Lastly he started a fire in the cook stove and put a pot of coffee on it.  He figured if the doc didn’t wake up and want a cup then he would drink it himself.

Putting the team in the barn, he went back to the river and crossed in the boat with little trouble for the river was receding.

It was getting late by the time he arrived back at the cabin and he could smell some food cooking.  He was glad for he was hungry and he hadn’t eaten for several hours.  

Due to the time being late and Lucy needing some more rest it was decided to wait until the morrow before heading to the river and home.

The next morning they took turns carrying Lucy to the river and after placing her in the boat and crossing the river, Risen went and got the team and the doc while the others took her to the home place.

The doc checked Lucy over and said she was beginning to get well and for her to just stay in bed and he would drop over the next day.  
By the time they got everything done it was time to eat and to go to bed and get some sleep.

To be Continued  

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