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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The House of Chen Chapter 4

Lustful Brian Noticed Cheri
As the days passed Cheri fit in almost as part of the furnishings.  She was there but yet unobtrusive.  She had learned to move about with grace and poise and her presence was felt more than seen.  

Once she learned how Martha wanted everything kept in her dressing room; she saw to it that all was in order.  Martha learned to trust Cheri to the point where she gave her the combination to her safe where she kept her jewels.

Sometimes she would come in late and leave them on her dressing table and Cheri would put them away for her.  She progressed to where she handled all of Martha’s correspondence.  She would often read the letters from her children and then write back to them as Martha dictated.

Because of this she got to know each of them while they scarcely knew of her existence.  Martha saw to it that Cheri continued her education for she expected her to remain with her as long as she lived.

Cheri had her fifteenth birthday and they had a cake which the small staff enjoyed.

This was the year when Martha’s children would come home for the summer.

The oldest boy named Brian had finished college, the daughter seventeen and the younger boy was fifteen.  Brian was engaged to be married while he was home, and the other children were to return and complete their education in England.

While the parents were overjoyed to see the kids the staff wasn’t so happy for they were treated very rudely by the children and were spoken to harshly.  

Brian began to notice Cheri and tried to treat her inappropriately.  She didn’t know how to handle his advances for she was afraid to tell his mother.  

Finally he overpowered Cheri and forced himself upon her.  He did this a couple of more times.  

His mother found out about what happened and was quite upset because Brian was to be married in two weeks.  The bride and her parents were arriving tomorrow so they could finalize the wedding plans.

Martha was beside herself and out of desperation she sent Cheri home to the Sampan and told her that she could return after the wedding.      

Cheri was greatly disturbed by the liberties Brian had taken with her and was glad to be away from the home so it didn’t happen again.

The wedding was the big event of the year and Martha didn’t want it to be upset by Brian’s actions.  She had given Cheri some money which she used to help her parents.
She never mentioned to her mother what had happened to her. and everything was peaceful in her Sampan home.

After the wedding and the return to England by her son Brian and new daughter-in-law Martha sent for Cheri to come back.  She sat her down and explained why she had to send her away.

If her new daughter-in-law found out about what Brian had done it might have upset the wedding.  Brian’s new family was one of the top societal families in England and the political implications reached to the highest social level.
While the men wouldn’t have been disturbed much by the rape; the women would have went viral and the wedding would have been called off.
It was True
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After a week of putting things back together every thing was normal until Martha saw Cheri washing herself and noticed her tummy was getting bigger.  

Martha tried to deny the obvious but the image of her tummy kept overruling her denials.  She took Cheri to the doctor who confirmed her suspicions; she was going to be a grandmother.

She was so shocked by the event that she sent Cheri back to her mother and told her she must stay there until she could figure out what to do.  Back at her mother’s place Cheri slowly got bigger until she only had a month or so to go.

Martha kept slipping down to the docks checking on her but didn’t want to be seen. Finally at last she decided to bring Cheri back home for she couldn’t stand it any longer.
Regardless of what had happened this was her grandchild and she couldn’t bear it being born on the Sampan.

Cheri didn’t say much but she was glad to be back home with Martha and Lo Mei.   
To be Continued

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